Japan relief auctions organzied by Fangoria

Mezco Toyz has sent on some info on a charity auction organized by Fangoria which they are participating in. They have donated an autographyed Living Deal Doll as well as a Mez-itz figure. There’s also some great product donated by Thinkgeek.com. You can see the entire press release after the jump, or head here and check out the auctions that have been posted.

Mezco and Others Contribute To Fangoria Charity Auction for Japan Relief
Last March, Japan experienced one of the most overwhelming national tragedies on record.  In addition to the irreparable loss of life, the overall damage costs exceed $300 billion, marking the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami as the most costly natural disaster in the history of the world.  As such, many businesses and organizations across the world have come together to aid and support Japan in their time of crisis.  Fangoria, America’s #1 horror entertainment company, is proud to be a part of the relief effort.  Fangoria and friends have donated some of their products to be auctioned on eBay. 100% of all funds collected from the sales of the following items will go directly to the Red Cross.
Some of the highlights of the auction will be:
A Mez-Itz doll and autographed Living Dead Doll from WWW.MEZCOTOYZ.COM
A t-shirt, paperweight, and child-size straitjacket from WWW.OBSCURAANTIQUES.COM
Four autographed posters, two stickers, a CD, and a magnet from WWW.TOXICTOONS.COM
 An activity book and a book of “deadtime stories” from WWW.TOXICTOONS.COM
 Two T-Shirts designed by artist Eric Pigors at  WWW.TOXICTOONS.COM
A hand-drawn sketch by Gordon McAlpin and a signed copy of Multiplex: Enjoy Your Show from WWW.MULTIPLEXCOMIC.COM
A poster signed by artist Simon Bisley from WWW.BLACKDEATHFILM.COM
Two plushy zombie dolls and a plushy vampire doll from WWW.THINKGEEK.COM
A bloody bath set from WWW.THINKGEEK.COM
Two zombie books from WWW.THINKGEEK.COM
A gory candy set and brain mold from WWW.THINKGEEK.COM
A 24″ Super Shogun Storm Trooper from WWW.THINKGEEK.COM
A Star Wars Taun Taun sleeping bag from WWW.THINKGEEK.COM
An official replica of Darth Vader’s Lightsaber from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back from WWW.THINKGEEK.COM
Fangoria will be staggering the listings of the items over the next several weeks. Check the link below to see what items they have listed for the auction:

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