Toy Fair 2011 – Underground Toys

I had the pleasure of meeting with Robyn of Underground Toys this afternoon to discuss the upcoming product offerings from Underground Toys.  There were several key licenses on display; Doctor Who (both modern and classic), Star Wars, Ghostbusters and Top Gear.  Toy fair was the first showing for the Ghostbusters and Top Gear product.  Some of the the Stay-puft Marshmallow man and Star Wars talking plush items look really great; all keeping the deformed aesthetic.  These really boost my confidence in the upcoming Doctor Who talking plush that were announced a few weeks ago.

Also shown for the first time were licensed bluetooth headsets.  I wasn’t expecting to see those, but they did look nice.

On the Doctor Who front, all the product on public display has been previously announced.  No new classic 5″ figures were shown, however I was assured that Classics are continuing and that they are an of focus for Underground Toys.  So while there’s no specific product they could announce now, there are more coming.  And they do read the message boards and do know what fans want.

I did specifically ask about the “Revenge” and “Remembrance” sets and was told that they are doing what they can to resolve the situation and prevent it from occurring again, but there is nothing official or confirmed to report.

Check out the gallery below for pictures of the items on display at the Underground Toys booth.

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