Toy Fair 2011 – Bif Bang Pow!

Among today’s appointments was chatting with Jason from Bif Bang Pow!  I’ll be honest, what drew me in was their announcement last month that they would be making retro-styled inch Doctor Who figures, but they have some really great product.  Highlights include their giant Talkey Tina prop replica, their Venture bros. and the Lost Bobble-heads.

On the Doctor Who figures, in person the Cyberman looks incredible…it’s really good and it comes with a Cybermat.  The Sontaran figure is also very good.  The Master and the Doctor are ok.  The Doctor’s head is oversized, but the sculpt is good.  A revised, updated version of the figure should be photographed soon.  They are keen to launch these figures at SDCC, which would be a tight schedule to hit.  I also got a sneak peak at their plans for the line and it’s impressive.  I can’t wait to see how these turn out!  Also refer to the Twilight Zone ‘gifts’ for an idea of what offerings they will have for Who.

Check below for a gallery of all the offerings at the Bif Bang Pow! booth.

[nggallery id=38]

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