4 Horseman Gallery show and exclusive

The Four Horsemen have released packaged images of their Light Talisman Scarabus and Dark Talisman Scarabus figures. This set of figures will be exclusively available at the Four Horsemen’s upcoming gallery show,  TOYPOCALYPSE: A Four Horsemen Retrospective at the TT Underground Gallery in New York City.  These are strictly limited to only 100 sets to be sold at Toypocalypse, and will be available beginning opening night for $100.00 per set.  This is the most limited production run of any figure variants the Four Horsemen have ever done, so be sure to get there early if you want yours!

The Four Horsemen will also be selling limited editions of their Four Horsemen poster/print signed by the artist, Nathan Baertsch, and all four of the Four Horsemen!  Check after the jump for the details on the gallery show and images of the exclusives.

Location of the gallery show:

TT Underground Gallery (below Toy Tokyo) – 91  2nd Avenue, New York, New York.Dates & times:

– Opening reception – Friday, Feb 11th – 7pm to 11pm

– Regular hours – Saturday, Feb 12th – 2pm to 7pm

– Sunday, Feb 13th – 2pm to 6pm

– Monday, Feb 14th through Thursday, Feb 17th – 2pm to 7pm

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