Underground Toys announces new Doctor Who Classics set – ‘The Sontaran Experiment’

Doctor Who logoUnderground Toys today announced the latest in their Doctor Who classics line up, a boxset from the 4th Doctor adventure ‘The Sontaran Experiment’.  Due late February or early March this set includes the Sontaran Field-Major Styre, iconic Sontaran space ship along with the Fourth Doctor in duffle coat and hat.  This set is expected to run around $60 in the United States.  Pre-order information will be posted when available. See a photo of the set below.

Also rumored, a 2nd Sontaran set; from the 3rd Doctor adventure ‘The Time Warrior’.  While it’s likely to include Linx, his pod and the 3rd Doctor it would be a great opportunity to include a classic Sarah Jane Smith, wouldn’t it?

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