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Doctor Who logoI generally keep my AwesomeToyBlog Doctor Who posts focused on Classic Who (it may be my #1 toy line for 2010, you know), but there’s been some interesting announcements of ‘new Who’ toys that I thought I would call some attention too.

Doctor Who Christmas Adventure Action Figure Set First up, the ‘Christmas Adventure’ set featuring the 11th Doctor in his Christmas special costume, Amy in her kiss-o-gram outfit and the 11th Doctor’s TARDIS.  Lets be frank here folks, the draw of this set is the Amy Pond figure in her “sexy” (at least according to the British press) debut outfit.  Amy’s been a bit of a tough figure to get in the normal assortments, so her inclusion in this set helps a bit to justify the $50 price tag.  What isn’t awesome about this set is the reportedly sloppy deco on the Doctor’s jacket and fact that the TARDIS is stripped of all electronics.
Doctor Who Pandorica Action Figure and CD Set

The next ‘new Who’ product that’s worth a look-see is the ‘Pandorica Action figure and CD Set’ due in Spring 2011.  Each of the 6 figures in the set includes a CD with 1/2 of a classic Who audio novelization.  Each of the CDs comes in a tray that can be assembled to form the Pandorica; so it’s sort-of a build-an-accessory-playset-thing.  The only part that puzzles me is the inclusion of classic Who stories on the CDs.  Maybe there weren’t 11th Doctor audio stories available, but I would think the build-a-Pandorica aspect of the sets would be sufficient to sell the sets, but then again, I’m just a blogger.

Doctor Who Dalek Paradigm Action Figure CaseThe final new Who product recently announced is a wave of Pardigm Daleks.After having a few different color Daleks released as exclusives to various outlets (orange Dalek was a SDCC exclusive, yellow Dalek a Hastings exclusive), fans have been frustrated in getting the Dalek rainbow.  Since Daleks  are consistent sellers, it only makes sense to release all five colors in a solid wave.  These are due in January.

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