Marvel Universe wave 12 details

Marvel Universe Action Figures Wave 12 Online retailer Entertainment Earth has posted pre-orders for Marvel Universe wave 12.  This wave, which is expected in early 2011 will include:

  • 1x Captain Marvel
  • 1x Doc Sampson
  • 2x World War Hulk
  • 2x Iron Man
  • 2x Spider-Man 2099
  • 1x Spider-Woman
  • 1x Iron Man
  • 1x Captain America (Original)
  • 1x Modern Thor
    Also based on some of the answers from the last round of Marvel Q&A, this will likely be the wave which has several alternate case packs allowing for the variant figures to make their way to a store near you.  If you’re interested in picking this wave up, head over to Entertainment Earth.

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