More Doctor Who Classics figures announced

Doctor Who logoSome strange things are going on in the land of Doctor Who toys.  Starting with the good news, Underground Toys today announced a new 2 pack of figures set for release shortly – a 6th Doctor and “Stealth Cyberman” from the episode “Attack of the Cybermen”.  This figure will also fulfill the ‘cool’ black repaint quota for the Doctor Who line.  A picture of the figures is after the jump.

For UK readers you can pre-order now from Forbidden Planet.  For US and other readers, these figures will get distribution outside the UK, and when preorder information is available, I’ll go ahead and post that.

Now on to the less than awesome news; while I was in Europe 2 multipacks were announced; a Revenge of the Cybermen set and a new Dalek set based on Remembrance of the Daleks. While preorders are available for UK readers, no plans for distribution in the US have yet been announced, which is leading fans to jump to conclusions about future US support for the line.  While I don’t think there’s anything to be worried about; I’ll be keep an eye open for any new developments.

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