Latest Hasbro Star Wars Q&A

Here’s the latest set of Hasbro’s Star Wars Q&A.  I’m wrapping my vacation up, so posting will start to return to normal.  Enjoy.

1)  The vintage styled AT-AT box looks fantastic, the graphic artist(s) who worked on this packaging did an incredible job.  If there are future “vintage-style packaging” exclusives  would there be any chance that a prequel era vehicle be released in this manner?

We’re glad you like the results.  We agree – our team knocked it out of the park.  Should the Vintage vehicles prove popular with fans, our plan is to continue with additional Vintage sets in 2011 (and hopefully beyond).  However, for the near term we will focus exclusively on OTC vehicles until we knock out some more key vehicles.  After that, the Prequel Trilogy vehicles certainly could be in play.  We think that they would look fantastic too, just like the carded figures.

2)  When the “fan’s choice” results have been reviewed in the past, have there been any high-ranking figures that have surprised the design team and left you thinking either “really?” or “who?”.  Or do you find that the fans wish list corresponds well with the design team’s list?

For the most part, there is a strong correspondence with the things that we like.  Usually there are a few obscure gems in there, or some figures unknown to us because we are not as familiar with the source (novels, for instance….we just aren’t as familiar with the vast novel landscape and rely on fans to tell us what they like with Fans’ Choice voting).  However, the one that most surprises us is Jocasta Nu and her #2 placement in the recent poll.  We’re thinking that at some point, dares have started outnumbering genuine votes!

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