Star Wars Celebration V wraps up

Star Wars Celebration V is wrapping up today in Orlando, FL.  As I’m sure everyone has heard now, the big announcement coming out of the show was the Fall 2011 Blu-Ray release of the Star Wars trilogies; featuring never-before-scene footage.

In the action figure realm there were a few highlights.  Up first is the Hasbro presentation where several new waves of figures for 2011 were previewed.  You can download the entire presentation in PDF form right here.

Both Hasbro exclusives – the 4-Lom & Zuckuss Vintage 2-pack and the Cami and Fixer Comic Pack are available from both and  Both are priced at $14.99.

The other big action figure news was the gifting of a “one of a kind” Jon Stewart as Stormtrooper during the George Lucas event (Stewart was hosting the panel).  After the jump you check out pictures provided by Hasbro.

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