Masterpiece Grimlock now arriving in stores

Hasbro’s Masterpiece Grimlock has been found in a Texas Toys R Us store.  He was priced at $69.99, in line with the price charged at San Diego Comic-con.  Interestingly, Grimlock’s page is no longer at Toys R Us and individuals who have ordered him while he was available have been informed that the item was delayed and, past a certain date, orders could be canceled.  These Grimlocks were ordered at the $59.99 price, with some people applying a $10 coupon making him $49.99.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out, but in the mean time keep your eyes on the aisle.  If you did order on-line, it still may be wise to pick one up in store…you can always return it later.

Update:  I’m pleased (and somewhat surprised) to say that my on-line order is now being processed and looks like it will be in my hands in a week.

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