SDCC – Hasbro’s Marvel panel

At my only panel for Saturday – Hasbro’s Marvel panel. Convention has been nice today not carrying a giant bag.

  • Everything in the case is what’s left for 2010.  Will see a sneak peek into 2011
  • Iron Man will move into new more armor cards.
  • Two big items coming out – Iron Man rolling headquarters and an RC walking Iron Man
  • Iron Man Wal-Mart exclusive 6in figures; 10in repulsor power pack
  • Target:  2nd set of Hall of Armor, 3 pack with Black Widow, War Machine and Iron Man…each with actor heads.
  • TRU: Drones + Iron Man and Nick Fury 4 pack
  • Super Hero Squad – Hellicarrier looks great
  • Marvel Universe
  • Distribution issues are known, trying to fix this…but all waves are ordered and will be on the way
  • Fury Files website will be coming back
  • Galactus is coming out in October…Hasbro is very happy with the performance of Galactus at Comic-con.
  • There will be a variant color of Galactus!  Darker purple
  • October will be marvel mania month…$1 off 3 3/4 figure.  $5 off bigger items.  They will be on
  • 2011 – building towards the Avengers in 2012
  • Iron Man, Thor and Captain America figures will all tie into the Avengers.  Avengers animated series will be airing this fall.
  • 2011 Iron Man – Many more armor variants.
  • Iron Man 6″ figures will be launching…people seem  very happy
  • Thor 3 3/4 figure looks great…some product will be shown tomorrow AM in the case
  • Captain America – no figure to show now..but will have one tomorrow
  • Series 3 – Marvel Universe will feature artist Olivier Coipel
  • Captain Marvel; Doc Sampson; World War Hulk; a new Iron Man; Spider-man 2099; Spider Woman; Apocalypse; Jim Lee Cyclops on a new body; 1st appearance Wolverine; Gladiator
  • Superhero team packs in spring: Wasp, Thor, Hulk, Ant Man and Iron Man
  • X-force 3 pack – Wolverine is new.
  • Comic book packs new reveals
  • Frost Giant and Loki exclusive; Bill Foster Giant Man and clone Thor.  Both at WalMart
  • New Masterwork announced…Sentinel.  Two  versions.  16 inches taller.  Will include lights and sounds.  Will be a fall item.
  • Days of Future Past Sentinel Deco will be a Comic-con exclusive
  • 2012 will be a big year.  So big that Marvel Legends will be coming back.  6 inch fans should be happy.  Marvel Universe will continue!  Everyone should be happy!
  • From the Q&A – no comment on Marvel vs. Capcom 3 figures.
  • Vehicles and playsets for 3 3/4″ figures?  Totally an option for Marvel Universe
  • Will build-a-figure come back?  Undecided.

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