SDCC: Hasbro Transformers

Right after GI Joe is Transformers…so here we go

  • Starting off with War from Cybertron – video game helps to reintroduce the back story of the Transformers
  • DLC pack being released on the 27th – both characters and maps.  Store exclusives and new designs
  • Showed the War for Cyberton Generations toys…no new ones to show.  Will be fit into the line as space is available.
  • August 1st is the set date for ‘Hunt for the Decepticons’…tell that to toys r us.
  • Going through the 2010 line-up, Legends and Scouts.  Breacher can store onto Sea Spray.  Neat.
  • Battle Blade Bumblebee is a new mold with a new Transformation
  • Crowd loves Terradive…and Sea Spray.
  • Now into Generations..some background on Drift (great toy, btw picked one up this week)…nothing not shown at Botcon.
  • And now Power Core Combiners – nothing new here either.
  • Fall 2010 exclusives being shown, Grimlock, movie 2 packs, Seacons
  • Speed Stars line – Stealth Force incorporates armored and armed vehicle modes.
  • More to show at Transformers Prime panel at 4:30…which I might not be at.  Boo.

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