MattyCollector publishes SDCC 2010 checklist

Matty has posted some general updates on their 2010 SDCC details.  For starters – only attendees can purchase product before noon on Thursday and purchases are limited to 6 items per trip through line (multiple trips through the line are permitted).  Product is limited, so when it is sold out, that’s it.  There will be two booths – one with a display (booth #3029) and one for retail purchases (#2945).

Finally MattyCollector has posted a pdf of all the exclusives they’ll be offering.  You can download the sheet from them here (but you’ll need to be a forum member) or you might want to follow this link.

And don’t forget – if you pre-ordered some things earlier in the week, you’ll have to pick those up at the pick-up location (Manchester Room 1 at the Marriott San Diego Hotel and Marina).

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