Star Wars Q&A #2 – Answers

A few weeks ago I sent my second batch of questions into Hasbro and this morning they sent back answers!  Check them out below.   Thanks to Hasbro and HunterPR for the Q&A!

1) With the new AT-AT set for the August line re-launch; can we expect any Hoth-centric battle packs in the near future to help fill out the battlefield?
Yes, there are a couple coming.  Details will be made available in the next month or so at either Comic Con or CV.  Stay tuned!

2) Given the apparent success of the Qui-Gon / Eopie mail-in, are future promotions looking to include items of a similar scale (another beast, small vehicle) or will they likely focusing on single carded figures?
They will likely be single-carded figures, with one exception designed to complement the Galactic Battle Game debuting this Fall with all Clone Wars (and Saga Legends) figures.  If there are any mail-in figures for 2011, and right now we don’t have any lined up, they will likely be single-carded.

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