July MattyCollector.com sale items

MattyCollector.com has announced their July sale items.  With SDCC on the horizon, they’ve just got 2 items for sale on July 15th.  The two items are Count Marzo and DCU Classics Wave 13 boxed set.  In the boxset are:

  • Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)
  • Blue Devil
  • Cheetah (modern)
  • Cheetah (classic)
  • Cyclotron (with Super Powers base and removable face plate)
  • Negative Man (standard version)
  • Superboy
  • Wonder Girl

Also they announced on their forums that they would have limited numbers of Lobo,  Skeletor, She-Ra, He-Ro and Randor available at their SDCC booth.

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