Hasbro’s Botcon display case

Botcon news is starting to come in.  Check out this gallery over at TFW2005 and see Hasbro’s display case, contents of the case will likely change over the weekend…but here’s a first look.  The details around the G1 Seacon reissue are not known at this time.

Also confirmed are the remaining exclusives and their prices:

  • Slice (Energon Downshift repaint) – Free Attendee Exclusive
  • Rapido (Universe Silverstreak repaint) & Cindersaur (BWX Megatron repaint) – $72
  • Scorch (Hound), Shattered Glass Ravage (Ravage), and Double-Punch (Energon Scorponok) – $79
  • Sharkticons 3-Pack (Energon Sharkticon repaint) – $60

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