Doctor Who Series 5 Wave 1 Announced

Doctor Who logoCharacter Options have finally announced the line up for the first wave of action figures based on series 5 of Doctor Who.  Coming in July this wave consists of:

  • Professor Bracewell with Robotic Reveal Chest and Swappable Arm
  • Dalek Ironside
  • Peter the Winder with Hidden Smiler Face,
  • Weeping Angel (Regenerating)
  • Hawthorne
  • Amy Pond
  • 11th Doctor
  • Dalek Drone

What’s interesting is that, other than the Doctor, these figures seem to have limited articulation.  Is it because they are prototypes or is this reflective of the final figure?  Also of note, the red Dalek drone may or may NOT be part of this wave.  The information on the internet seems contradictory to say the least.  It may be part of wave 2.

Doctor Who Series 5, wave 1

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