Two additional Entertainment Earth SDCC Twilight Zone Bobble heads

These 2 seem to have slipped by me last week when I was traveling to the east coast, but Entertainment Earth has posted two additional Twilight Zone bobble heads for San Diego Comic-con. These are both available for pre-order now if you’re not heading to the show – clicking on the image will take you right to the product page. Otherwise, just hold off and pick them up there.

The Twilight Zone Gremlin Bobble Head - Color SDCC Exclusive Gremlin from the episode “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” : This ultra-creepy bobble head is authentically designed and exactly painted in color, and measures 6-inches tall x 5-inches wide x 3-inches long. Inspired by one of the most memorable scenes from the show, the remarkable airplane-wing base has Gremlin sitting on the engine housing, tearing pieces from the wing! The piece also features the perspective from the inside of the airplane cabin with the window that faces Gremlin. You’ll be having nightmares yourself if you let this wobbler get away from you! Limited edition of 504 pieces.

Twilight Zone Kanamit Bobble Head - Color SDCC Exclusive Kanamit from the episode “To Serve Man” : Based on The Twilight Zone’s rather disturbing “To Serve Man” episode from 1962, this remarkable color-version bobble head from Bif Bang Pow! presents The Kanamit, a considerably covert character set on adding mankind to his menu of delectable dishes. The alien emissary is incredibly and authentically detailed in 7-inch scale, holding his “cook book.” Buy him, admire him, but don’t invite him to cook dinner! Limited edition of 504 pieces.

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