Masters of the Universe SDCC Exclusives Update – Okro & Adam

This is one case where the rumors were true.  On Attack of the Show today, Mattel revealed some more of the San Diego Comic-con exclusives.  On the Masters of the Universe front we were shared an update on the Mo-Larr and Skeletor set which was revealed at Toy Fair.  Additionally, a 2pack featuring Orko and Prince Adam were confirmed!  Some details on those figures:

  • Prince Adam is labeled as an accessory, but is fully articulated and tucked away in the packaging
  • Orko turns clear when he’s placed in hot water.  When his spellbook is placed in hot water, the comic-con logo appears

Mattel had previously stated that there would be a ‘regular’ edition of these figures on, but the differences between versions is not known at this time (well, except for the SDCC logo part).  There are screen caps already on-line, but when better images are available, I’ll be posting a link to those.

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