Mattel’s SDCC Announcents coming next week…

This was posted on the website this evening:

Okay, everyone, we just got official confirmation that our SDCC product reveals are going to air on Attack of the Show on the G4 network April 12th and April 15th!

Why two nights? Because the stuff we’re revealing is so good, it couldn’t be done in a single show! Attack of the Show will sneak peek four products each night. We’ll finally put to rest some of the rumors about what we’ll have at SDCC and there are exclusives from some of our most popular collector lines.

Other news is revealed in their hint where they’ll have an Avatar exclusive!  Full images and summaries will be available on their site on the 16th!  Just another week for all the details to be revealed?  Given the attention the Orko rumor has gotten (a rumor that gained momentum around Toy Fair time), it’ll be nice to have the final answers.

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