Mattel Toy Fair 2010 – Masters of the Universe

The other day I shared the news of Mo-Larr and Skeletor being one of the Mattel SDCC exclusives, now we’ll look at the rest of the Masters of the Universe offerings.  These figures will be available on

Upcoming figures include:

  • Keldor; before becoming Skeletor
  • Count Marzo
  • Optikk from the short lived New Adventures Of He-Man
  • She-Ra
  • Gygor – a new character who was planned for the 80s line but never released
  • Tytus, a giant from Eternia’s past who was only released in Europe.

Also there will be 2 DC Universe vs. Masters of the Universe comic book 2-packs exclusively available at Toys R Us.

  • He-Man vs. Superman
  • Skeletor vs. Lex Luthor

You can see images of the Mattel showroom over at Altered States.

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