Figure of the Day 51 – Choro Q Rodimus Prime

Rodimus Prime

Series: Choro-Q Transformers
Release Date: 2001
Comments: Some of my favorite Transformers items are things I’ve imported from Japan.  There items are released without them having to be part of a long lasting line or series.  Case in point are the Choro-Q Transformers, super-deformed versions of G1 characters.  A total of 3 unique molds were produced; Optimus Prime, Megatron and Rodimus Prime.

Inspired by Choro-Q racers, this takes the super-deformed car idea and turns it into a Transformer.  The pull-back action is maintained, so while in winnebago mode (see a picture after the jump), Rodimus can roll about the floor or desk.  In both modes the aesthetic is “cute and squooshed”.  Really the pictures tell you all you need to know.  Its a fun little item, which is still available today – deeply discounted.  Pick one up, its an oddity in the Transformers world.

ChoroQ Rodimus Vehicle

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