Figure of the Day 48 – Galen Marek (Jedi)

Galen Marek – Jedi

Series: Star Wars Evolutions
Release Date: 2008
Comments: This figure, and it’s two companion figures were based on the 2008 LucasArt’s multi-console game – ‘The Force Unleashed’ which takes placed in the years between “Revenge of the Sith” and “A New Hope”.  You play the game as Galen Marek, a secret apprentice to Lord Vader.  Hence the name of this Evolutions set.

About two weeks ago I covered Galen Marek as the secret apprentice.  In the course of the game, you choose the light or the dark path; each with its own final visual for your character.  Today we’re looking at the light side of Galen Marek, his jedi persona.  The figure is well articulated and has a different take on the traditional jedi robes.  I don’t really understand what the pieces of material hanging from the wrist are, it seems to me that they would get in the way, and I think it would be a better figure without these.  All in all though, another nice figure from a fun, but short, game.  With additional Force Unleashed figures on the way from Hasbro in the next year or so, now may be the time to pick this set up if you passed on it at retail.

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