Figure of the Day 47 – The Baroness

The Baroness

Series: GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra
Release Date: 2009
Comments: A few weekends ago, the GI Joe movie was released to theaters worldwide.  While, I wouldn’t say it was a good movie; it certainly accomplished two things – being mindless entertainment and selling toys.  In fact, I believe that the movie far surpassed the cartoon’s ability to spotlight a given character or vehicle so that it was instantly recognizable in the toy aisle.  I say Bravo! to HASBRO for being so effective with its merchandising opportunity.

Two days after the movie, I found myself purchasing the Baroness.  This is despite the plot contrivances of the movie, which I still haven’t quite gotten my head around.  I mean, why can’t she just be evil?  Whatever.  As a toy, the figure is pretty good.  As a display piece, it is lacking.  The new Joe body seems to work well for the men of the line, but the ladies are left looking a little strange; I think its the hips that don’t work.  But you can get some pretty awesome poses out of the figure.  And she’s jam-packed with accessories; so I shouldn’t complain too much.  See a carded image (giant green missle launcher!) after the jump.

Baroness Carded

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