Figure of the Day 46 – Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix

Series: Marvel Universe (ToyBiz)
Release Date: mid 1990’s
Comments: ToyBiz did a fantastic job with the Marvel license when they had it.  Their 5″ figures were a constant stream of great characters, good enough sculpt and articulation par for their day.  And there were always a bunch at ToysRUs for $2.98 or 3/$10 at KB Toys.  I bought so many figures on clearance in the 1990s.  While most of my ToyBiz figures now live in a bin in the toy closet, about a dozen or so are still out on display.  Among them, Dark Phoenix.

Let’s be honest, at first glance this action figure is sort of an ‘eh’.  The articulation is below average for its day (and far below average for today).  The sculpt is just ok.  And it was a repaint (of regular, non Dark, Phoenix).  But, this figure is one of the rare examples where a gimmick is a significantly feature.  See, Dark Phoenix (and regular Phoenix) both light up.  The hair and eyes glow orange/red when a button on Jean’s back is pushed.  While this sort-of worked for Phoenix, this totally works for Dark Phoenix.  And really, who can hate a figure with light-up hair?

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