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Toy Fair 2013 – Mezco Toyz

TF2013 LogoThe big news out of Mezco Toyz this year was the introduction of their ‘Breaking Bad’ collectibles with product including figures, Mez-Itz, bobble heads, money clips, plush – they’re hitting it on all fronts. The figures look fantastic, you can see them in the gallery below.

‘Breaking Bad’ wasn’t the only new product on display. From Thundercats, Cheetara will be joining your other mega-scaled Thundercats figures, she features ball jointed hips for additional articulation. Living Dead Dolls will continue on – of the ones on display I love the ‘Psycho’ ones – just fantastic. Another standout was the 3 3/4″ scale Martian from Mars Attacks! That little guy looked great! You can see all these new items, and others, in the gallery below.

Funko news blast – new MJ, Star Wars Blox Bobbles and Mars Attacks!

The mail bag was overflowing today! Funko sent a few new images for me to share with you spanning a few different popular licenses. Up first are two new additions to the Michael Jackson Pop! series – his look from the 1984 Grammy’s and his ‘Bad’ video attire.  Both of these Pops! are due May 17th.

And from the land of the force come a new twist on Funko’s Blox figures – Blox Bobbles! These take the 2D-projected into 3D figures and add the fun of a bobble to them. This first batch of Star Was Blox Bobbles includes fan favorites Boba Fett, Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper.  These figures can be yours May 31st.

Finally, as the 50th anniversary of the ‘Mars Attacks!’ trading cards really starts to roll – Funko is releasing a Blox figure of the martian. He will also be available May 31st.  Ack ack!

Images of all these new releases are below.


SDCC Exclusive – Mars Attacks! bust from Gentle Giant

Via the Nerdist, Gentle Giant has announced their first 2012 San Diego Comic-con exclusive – a 7.5″ bust commemorating the 50th anniversary of Mars Attacks! The Mars Attacks! alien comes which his torso emerging from a flying saucer with exhaust flames as the base for the bust. This piece will be limited to just 550 pieces – which will make it a very tough item to get at the show, be ready to make Gentle Giant your first stop of the day!

Mezco’s ‘Mars Attacks’ line expands to include plush

In addition to the news on their upcoming Frankenstein release, the fine folks at Mezco Toyz also sent out word that their ‘Aliens Attacks’  plush is due out this October. The signature alien of ‘Mars Attacks’ is getting the plush treatment which will capture the iconic oversized brain and awesome green space suit. Keep reading after the jump for the full text of the release from Mezco Toyz.


Toy Fair 2012 – Mezco Toyz

Mezco had a diverse set off offerings on display at this year’s New York Toy Fair. Kicking off with their DC Universe offerings a range of Mez-itz and mini Mez-itz were on display from both ‘the Dark Knight’ and ‘the Dark Knight Rises’ – including the movie Batmobile and the Batpod. The larger DC Universe were represented in their Mez-itz lines including Superman, Darkseid, the Flash, Wonder Woman and other DC icons.

In 2012 Mezco is expanding their Thundercats Mega deluxe scale figures with both a Mumm-Ra and Panthro joining Lion-O on shelves.

New liscenses for Mezco include an Earthworm Jim figure, Mars Attacks figures (in 2 scales), Spongebob Squarepants and the Universal Monsters.

Living Dead Dolls continue to have a strong presence at Mezco, which featured Dracula, Frankenstein and an incredible Chuckie Living Dead Doll prominantly in their display. Series 23 and several other LVD were on display, check the gallery for all the details.

Also on display were several Domo figures and bobbleheads, Zombie Creepy Cuddlers plush, South Park figures, and Little Big Planet figures. Check out images of everything on display in the gallery below.

Pop! expands to Ugly Doll, updates on V for Vendetta product from Funko

The Pop! vinyl craze keeps spreading with the latest brand to join the line-up from Funko – Ugly Dolls.  Due to hit the street early next year, the first pieces include Ice-Bat, Ox, Wage, Ninja Batty Shogun and Little Babo.  Pictures of all these new Pops! are at the end of the post.

Funko also sent updated images of their V for Vendetta Pop! and bobble head and new Mars Attack! Pop vinyl and bobble.  Check everything out in the gallery!

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