ICYMI: First Weeks of Mattel’s ’12 Days of Fandom’ SDCC Reveals

Mattel has been killing it with the SDCC exclusive reveals during their ’12 Days of Fandom’ lead up to the show. In the event you missed any of the first week’s reveals – they’re all below. And check back later in the week for the 2nd batch of products…but if you’re not the patient kind, check out the Mattel Creations Instagram and they post the daily news drop.

  • Jurassic World Hammond Collection Outhouse Chaos™ Set
  • WWE® No Holds Barred Ultimate Edition 2-Pack
  • Hot Wheels® Marvel® Ghost Rider With Vehicle  
  • Hot Wheels® Knight Rider K.I.T.T.
  • Masters of the Universe™ Masterverse™ He-Man™ Vs Skeletor™ 40th Anniversary Two-Pack
  • MEGA™ Masters of the Universe™ By The Power Of Grayskull!™
  • Hot Wheels® Star Wars™ Razor Crest™ W/Camtono Case™

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