Hasbro Announces Star Wars Black Series and Vintage Collection ‘Droids’ Homage Figures

Today Hasbro announced a trio of new Vintage Collection figures and a Black Series figure that pay homage to the 1985 animated series (and toy line!) ‘Star Wars: Droids’. These four figures will all be exclusive to Target and should be available to pre-order September 24th at 8AM CDT.

In the Vintage Collection, look for 3 3/4″ C-3PO, R2-D2 and Boba Fett all with paint jobs that are inspired by the Droids animated series. These are all repaints of existing figures and include a collector’s coin!

In the 6″ scale Black Series – Boba Fett is getting a double dip as a Droids inspired deco will also be available in this scale.

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