Special Bumblebee In Game Event Goes Live Tomorrow for Transformers: Forged To Fight

Ahead of Bumblebee’s upcoming premiere, Kabam is issuing some all-new live-ops events for their mobile title Transformers: Forged to Fight. The live-ops will debut tomorrow and here’s what players can look forward to:

 Bumblebee Live-ops

  • Date: December 20 – January 3
  • Special Event Calendar – 14-day duration
    • Awards a 4-Star Bumblebee Cinematic for free
  • Bumblebee Crystal Shards
    • Available in Alliance Missions, Special Arenas, Arena Special Teams and Raids
  • Bumblebee Crystal
    • Purchasable with Energon or Bumblebee Crystal Shards
    •  2-4* Version: 150 Energon: Chance at 4-Star Bumblebee (Cinematic) and 4-Star Bumblebee (Generations)
    • 3-5* Version: 300 Energon: Exclusive chance at 5-Star Bumblebee (Cinematic) and 5-Star Bumblebee (Generations)

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