Gentle Giant Shares Second SDCC Exclusive – Star Trek: Discovery Lt. Saru Mini-Bust

Gentle Giant today released details on their second SDCC for 2018 – a Star Trek: Discovery mini-bust of the U.S.S. Discovery first officer Lt. Saru. Keep reading for full details direct from Gentle Giant. If you’re a Premier Guild member and you want to pre-order Lt. Saru, you can do so here.

Hot off the critically acclaimed and fan-favorite first season comes the launch product from Gentle Giant LTD’s newest license: Star Trek: Discovery! Star Trek fans all over the globe are rejoicing the return of a regular Star Trek series and their dedication to the pulse-pounding first season has led to Star Trek: Discovery being picked up for a second season!

As chief science officer aboard the U.S.S. Shenzhou, Saru resented Michael Burnham for being given the job of first officer. Eventually, he is reassigned to the U.S.S. Discovery and appointed first officer by Captain Lorca. Evolved from prey rather than predator, Kelpiens have a pronounced ability to sense the coming of death. Saru finds himself in the unique position of being the first Kelpian to serve in Starfleet. Will his unique ability to sense death impair his ability to make the best decisions for his crew, or will it save them all?

Gentle Giant artists worked with production to use original concept models and authentic production files to accurately match and recreate the prosthetic makeup appliance worn by actor Doug Jones for this bold new mini bust. This limited edition convention exclusive mini bust of first officer Lt. Saru is hand-cast, hand-painted and hand-numbered with a limited edition Certificate of Authenticity.

The Star Trek: Discovery Lt. Saru Mini Bust will be available exclusively at our booth (booth #3513) at San Diego Comic Con July 18th-22nd. However, we have set aside a limited quantity of them for current members of our 2018 Premier Guild Collectors club. Even if you are not able to attend Comic Con 2018 you can still join the Premier Guild and order one (while available) and we will ship it to you after the convention (* some shipping restrictions apply). The Star Trek: Discovery Lt. Saru mini bust is available to pre-order for ALL 2018 Premier Guild members starting today at 12noon pst. You can go to to find out more information or to sign up for the Premier Guild.

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