Icon Heroes Launches Kickstarter for ‘Once Upon A Time’ Rumplestiltskin Figure

‘Once Upon a Time’ might be on it’s final season, but fans of the show still have the opportunity to fill out their toy shelves with characters from the long running ABC series.  A first wave of figures were released in summer 2017 which included the Evil Queen, Hook, Robin Hood, and Emma Swan. A second wave was planned that was to include Rumplestiltskin, Belle, Snow White, and Prince Charming.  With the TV series wrapping up, there’s not adequate retailer support for these to hit stores, but Icon Heroes is giving fans the opporunity to ‘save the line’ via a Kickstarter campaign. Starting with Rumplestiltskin, Icon Heroes will let fans directly fund the figure at just $25 for the figure. This highly detailed figure stands approximately 6 inch tall with about 14 points of articulation. It will come with the dark one dagger and a BONUS interchangeable Mr. Gold head. You can find their kickstarter campaign here.  

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