Happy #FranklinDay

peanuts tnHappy Franklin Day! Today, July 31st 2015 marks the 47th anniversary of Franklin’s introduction in the Peanuts comic strip. Following the death of Martin Luther King, teacher Harriet Glickman wrote a letter to Charles M. Schulz urging him that the strip needed an African American character. “Franklin Armstrong” was introduced on July 31st, 1968. Here’s a few Franklin facts to help you celebrate!

  • “Franklin” is an EXCELLENT dancer – he is shown breakdancing in several of the show’s specials.
  • Ice Hockey is “Franklin’s” favorite sport. He is shown practicing in many of the comic strips.
  •   “Franklin” has been voiced by 19 actors throughout the years. He will be voiced by Mar Mar in THE PEANUTS MOVIE.
  • THE PEANUTS MOVIE is his first appearance on screen since 1999.
  • “Franklin” met Charlie Brown on the beach and talked baseball

Look for “Franklin” in the PEANUTS MOVIE on November 6th.

franklin peanuts movie

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