Extremely Limited Power Lords Test Shots at SDCC from Four Horsemen

SDCC 2013 logoThe Four Horsemen have announced that they will be offering 30 extremely rare test shots from their upcoming Power Lords line. Test shots, which are unpainted, but fully complete tests prototypes from the steel molds just prior to them being finalized. They will be offering 5 different characters and there are only 6 test shots of each character. Each buyer will be limited to one of each style. The available test shots and prices are:

  • ADAM POWER: $90.00
  • LORD POWER: $90.00
  • POWER SOLDIER: $90.00
  • GGRIPPTOGG: $110.00
  • GGRAPPTIKK: $110.00

If you’re interested in getting one of these very special extremely rare pre-production figures be sure to drop by booth number 3345 on Wednesday as early as you can, or keep your eyes peeled on http://www.StoreHorsemen.com around midnight tonight to get your very own super rare Power Lords pre-production figures.

Adam Power Test Shot

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