Meet The Creators Of Axe cop With Mezco Toyz At SDCC

SDCC 2013 logoTo commemorate both the upcoming television premiere of Axe Cop (July 21, 9:30pm, on Fox) as well as Mezco’s Summer Exclusive Axe Cop Badge prop-replica, Mezco will be hosting a special signing by the Axe Cop creators at San Diego Comic Con.

On Friday, July 21st, from 12noon-1pm, both writer, 8-year-old Malachai Nicolle, and artist Ethan Nicolle, will appear at Mezco’s booth # 3445 to sign Mezco’s Summer Exclusive Axe Cop Badge prop-replica.

Autograph sessions with both creators are very rare so this is a very special event for Axe Cop fans. This will be their only scheduled autograph signing at SDCC. Malachai’s autograph is especially sought after by fans, as he rarely does signings because of his young age.

Axe Cop was originally created when (then) 5 year old Malachai told his older brother, Ethan, the story of Axe Cop one day while playing. At the time, neither of the brothers ever imagined Axe Cop would grow into a cultural phenomenon comprised of a popular website, best selling graphic novels, a cartoon, and action figures.

Fancy enough for formal occasions yet casual enough for a relaxed evening of target practice, the Axe Cop Badge Replica compliments any outfit.

Featuring a sturdy pinback, this full size replica badge lets evil doers know what side of the law you are on….the side with the axe!

The packaging for the badge was designed specifically for this autograph event and includes a spacious autograph area! The badge is available for $5 at the Mezco booth or for the same price online at (online badge is not autographed).

There will also be a limited number of Wexter Plush and Avocado Soldier Plush available for purchase at the Mezco booth.

During the show, Mezco will also be revealing Series 2 of the Axe Cop action figure line. Series 2 will include fan favorite characters: Baby Man, Axe Cop in Cat Suit, Candy Candy, Axe Cop from President of the World Comic

Ethan Nicolle, the artist behind Axe Cop, says: “Mezco worked closely with us to make the toys faithful to the comics and to pick the fan favorites. Many of the toys look so much like my drawings in three dimensions it’s almost spooky…I’m excited to have Mezco making Axe Cop toys because they walk a great line between toys to look at and toys to play with. Axe Cop is for kids and adults and I think Mezco nails that market with their intricate but not-too-fragile designs.”

Series 1 of the Axe Cop toys will be chopping their way into stores in October.

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