Additional 5 Bluefin Tamashii Nations SDCC Exclusives Revealed

SDCC 2013 logoFollowing yesterday’s reveal of two Tamashii Nations SDCC exclusives, today we have an additional 5 items. All of these are available at the Bluefin Tamashii Nations booth at SDCC, booth 3545. Check them out below.

D-Arts Bass & Treble (Tamashii Exclusive) – $43.99

“Fight me, Megaman!” Megaman’s powerful arch-rival Bass makes his first entry into the popular D-Arts line by Tamashii Nations. Based on the character’s original appearance in Megaman 7, Bass features a wide variety of accessories, including three interchangeable faces, two sets of hands, a removable Bass Buster arm cannon, and his trusty wolf-robo sidekick, Treble. From his character accurate height to the inclusion of the translucent gem on his chest, not a single detail has been spared on this release. A Tamashii exclusive item, Bass will debut at San Diego Comic Con.

 Destroyah Evolution Set (Tamashii Exclusive) – $89.99

Upgrade your Destroyah! A special Exclusive option set for S.H. MonsterArts Destroyah (1995) has been made available to US fans! Featuring parts to create the three forms (crustacean-like, aggregate crustacean and flying) of Godzilla’s ultimate enemy prior to the creature’s final demonic bipedal form, the set is fully articulated, adding a new level of possibilities to the line. Figure sizes are: Aggregate form- 90mm height/Flying form- 40mm length/Crab form- 60mm height. A Tamashii Exclusive, this item will debut at San Diego Comic Con, and is sure to sell out fast.

Figuarts Zero – Uzumaki Naruto Nine-Tails Chakra Mode Color Exclusive -$15.00

We are pleased to announce a limited number of Naruto Uzumaki figures will be made available for SDCC 2013. Part of the popular Figuarts Zero line, this clear version features Naruto accessing the ultimate power of the demonic nine-tailed fox sealed away within his body. Originally an event exclusive in Japan, it will only be made available to those in attendance of the con. Stop by Bluefin’s booth and get yours before they all use Disappearing Jutsu, and vanish forever.

Half-Age Character Naruto & Sasuke “Dattebayo” Special –$12.00

Believe it! Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchida make their way into the popular Half-Age Character series! Part of a set never before seen in the US, this 2-pack features a unique metallic hue to give the characters a sense of majesty fitting of Team Kakashi, and features Sasuke with Sharingan eyes and Naruto with blue colored eyes. Originally an event exclusive in Japan, this Naruto Shippuden set has been made available exclusively for SDCC 2013 in limited quantities!

S.H. Figuarts Piccolo (Special Color Edition) – $40

Made exclusively for SDCC 2013 as requested by fans, S.H. Figuarts Piccolo (Special Color Edition) continues the N. American line up from Tamashii Nations in a vibrant anime color scheme. Designed to match the previous year’s exclusive S.H. Figuarts Gohan (Special Color Edition) this release of Piccolo features the same high end articulation, sculpt, and features that characterize the S.H. Figuarts line. Three different heads, interchangeable handsets, and a removable cape are included. Quantities will be limited, so don’t miss your opportunity to snag what will soon become an incredibly elusive figure in the DBZ Figuarts line.


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