3D Star Wars Episodes II and III Delayed

Last week the big news in the Star Wars universe was the announcement that J.J. Abrams would be taking the helm, wait…wrong franchise, that he was one with the force and would be directing Episode VII. It’s only Monday, but big news has already hit with StarWars.com announcing that the 3D releases of Episode II and Episode III have been “delayed”. No additional details on the future of these releases (or non-releases) is available.

In the expected news category – Star Wars Clone Wars is not on the Cartoon Network’s Fall slate, the general consensus is that this series will migrate to Disney XD. For fans of Young Justice or the Green Lantern Animated series, well…both are cancelled.

Also in the rumor mill are reports that Hasbro is developing a “Star Wars Legends” 6″ figure line. Fortunately, Hasbro’s toy fair presentation is in less than 2 weeks, where Hasbro’s 2013 plans will be revealed.

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