Iron Man 3 action figure line-up revealed

Online retailer Big Bad Toy Store posted pre-orders today for Hasbro’s full line up of Iron Man 3 toys, including the usual role-play items and figures. The listings didn’t have any pictures, those will have to wait until Toy Fair, but we have names. Here’s what you can expect.

Iron Man 3 Arc Strike Figure

  • These figures are already leaking out, they are 12″ figures with special electronic sounds and lights. Both Iron Man and Iron Patriot will be available. You can see them here at

Iron Man 3 Assemblers

  • Reportedly these are limited articulated figures with mix-and-match snap on armor pieces. Wave 1 includes 6 figures – Iron Man Mark 42, War Machine Movie Version, Iron Patriot, Stealth Tech Iron Man, Hypervelocity Iron Man, Starboost Iron Man

Iron Man 3 Battle Chargers

  • Two in the assortment, Iron Man / Muscle Car and War Machine / Stealth Jet. Likely your basic vehicle, basic pilot set.

Iron Man 3 EC 12″ Iron Man

  • Is this similar to the 12″ limited articulation Star Wars figures that are on the horizon?

Iron Man 3 Figure Series 01

  • These should be the basic 3 3/4″ figures we’ve come to love. Included in the first series are Hydro Shock Iron Man, Cold Snap Iron Man, Ghost Armor Iron Man and Shatterblaster Iron Man. I’m guessing these will have fairly limited articulation with Big Bad Toy Store selling a set of 4 for $25.

Iron Man 3 Iron Flyers

  • No clue, two figures in the assortment, Iron Man with dart and War Machine with dart.

Iron Man 3 Marvel Legends Series 1

  • At least we know what these are! Three figures in the assortment, Heroic Age Iron Man, Iron Patriot and a likely short packed ‘Horned’ Mask Iron Man

And finally…

Iron Man 3 Micro Muggs

  • These were previewed last year, take a Mini Mugg, make it small and blind bag it.

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