Final 3 Gentle Giant SDCC exclusives – Star Wars, Blade, Thanos

Over the weekend Gentle Giant has shared details on their final 3 SDCC exclusive items. Up first is the latest entry in Gentle Giant’s 12″ line of vintage Star Wars figures with the blue Snaggletooth figure. Part of the Sears “Star Wars Cantina Adventure Set” , Kenner crafted the figure off just a photo of the mask. Its a piece of history, now made in a 12″ scale. This figure is limited to 2000 pieces and will cost $80.
The second exclusive is a convention exclusive edition of the Blade II Blu-Ray which includes the blu-ray disc and a hand-crafted, limited edition Reaper mini bust. Limited to just 500 pieces this set has a price of $99.
Finally from the Marvel Universe, the star of Avengers cameo scenes, comes Thanos. This bust depicts Thanos as depicted in modern comics as he wields the ultimate weapon – the Infinity Guantlet. With an edition size of 500 pieces, taking your own mini-worshipper of Death will run you $75. See below for pictures of all these exclusives.

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