Star Wars Q&A for October

As always, we ask the questions and Hasbro & HunterPR sends back answers.  Thanks to Bobbi at Raving Toy Maniac for supplying a question this time around, if you have a question you’d like to see asked; leave a comment, send a mail or hit me up on twitter!

1)  Who now holds the “probably never will make as a figure” slot on the Clone Wars line-up? Jocasta Nu or Clone Number 99?  Or both?
Right now both are in that tier. Jocasta would stand the higher chance though.

2) no longer has Star Wars stands available.  Will they be returning?  If so, will they be the same design or will they be refreshed?
The battle stands did indeed sell through. There are no plans to offer them again at this point; they actually took a lot longer to move through than we had anticipated (the shop carried the batch for a few years). We will get together with the Hasbro Toy Shop team to see if they want to invest in more inventory, and if they do, look to freshen things up.

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