Funko Puts Up Some Resistance with Dark Crystal

New from Funko are action figures and POP! collectibles from the new Netflix series Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. The series is a prequel to the classic Henson movie from the 80s.

Action figures will include: Guard of the Castle of the Crystal Rian, the gelfling Deet, the Hunter, Hup, Aughra the Oracle and a Silk Spitter.

Rian, Deet, and the Hunter
Hup & Aughra
Silk Spitter

The Pop! collection will include Rian, Deet, Hup, the Hunter, Aughra, The Chamberlain exclusive to Target, Deet Glow exclusive to FYE and the Hunter with a silver mask exclusive to Funko Shop.

Rian & Deet
Hup, Hunter, and Aughra
Chamberlain (Target ex.) and GID Deet (FYE ex.)
Hunter with silver mask (Funko Shop ex.)

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