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I read Stephen King’s “IT” when I was 15. Its no small twist of fate that I’m reviewing 3 3/4” IT action figures … 30 years later. I was very excited when it was first leaked that Funko would be making figures from the 2017 IT movie. So, I jumped at the chance to do a guest review for AwesomeToyBlog. Thanks, Matt! Let’s get right into it.

Set 1: Pennywise with arm, Beverly with Iron, & Ben

The Pennywise from this set has a truly terrifying face, although missing the bloody mouth he had in the movie when he was waving the arm. Without thinking too much about it, I assumed that was Georgie’s arm, but some Reddit’s suggest it was, rather, Eddie Corcorans. So, I guess that’s a bonus character! Overall, this figure is fantastic. Great sculpting and an impressive level of detail / paint apps for a 3 3/4” figure. Obviously, it was worth the extra attention since the base is being used four times. The puffy skirt part is a softer hollow piece which gives the hip joints a little bit of movement. Speaking of movement, each figure in the line has 9 points of articulation: ball-joint neck, swivel-hinged shoulders, hinged hips, elbows, and knees.

Beverly comes equipped with her signature iron spikey pole she used earlier in the film to stab Pennywise through the head and then again in the final battle. Although Bev admits to wearing this outfit “almost every day” her dad would say she’s looking “prettied up”. Creep deserved the kick in the face.

Ben is rocking the sweet wolf shirt he sported towards the beginning of the movie, thus making him the only figure NOT wearing his “final battle” outfit. That’s sort’uv annoying to me from a consistency standpoint. Funko did a good job capturing his “Haystack” physique and I can totally see John Ritter staring back at me out of those blue eyes!

Set 2: Pennywise with balloon, Bill with flashlight, & Georgie with paper boat

Pennywise from this set comes with his signature red balloon. The string has a loop sculpted into it that wraps around Pennywise’s hand for a secure grip.

Bill comes with his backpack and a flashlight. The likeness on this figure is one of the best in the lot. When I look at that face I can almost hear him reciting: “He thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts.”

Georgie is a great little figure. I like that the raincoat and its hood are a separate piece from his head. And those cute rain boots! Poor kid doesn’t know what’s coming.

Set 3: Pennywise with crab legs, Richie with bat, & Eddie

What a great choice for a Pennywise variant! The scene from the final battle when Pennywise starts attacking Mike with those crab arms was bonkers and Funko totally captured the horror with this figure.

Richie, well … could be better. And I’m not even gonna take issue with the glasses, cause I’m sure they’re tough to pull off (I think its just that the bridge needed to be wider). Its more the hair that throws this likeness off. And, for some reason, the hip joints on my figure are really loose, making it difficult to stand him up straight. By no means a terrible figure and the expression on his face does nail the “… and now I’m gonna have to kill this fucking clown” attitude.

Eddie may be the first figure I’ve ever owned wearing a cast. And Funko nailed it right down to the “LOSER” / “LOVER” detail. Spaghetti Eddie may just be my favorite simply by merit of his fanny pack.

Set 4: Pennywise with wig, Stan with pipe, & Mike with bolt gun

Unfortunately, this pack isn’t available yet. Rumor has it Funko is holding it back because it was picked up as an exclusive. Definitely would’ve been fun to have the whole Loser’s Club to set up and photograph together, but I’m happy we got / are getting IT figures at all. I couldn’t for the life of me remember when Pennywise wore a wig but a friend reminded me it was from the slide show in the garage. Another unique choice for a creepy clown variant.

From the picture on the back of the packaging it looks like the figure of Stan is a great likeness. He’ll come with a pipe to beat Pennywise for trying to eat his face. Fortunately, this figure is pre-battle damage.

This photo of the Mike figure also looks fantastic. He comes strapped with this ammo bandolier and packing his bolt gun. Loaded or not, doesn’t really matter!

I think this is a fantastic series of figures. To be honest, I had some misgivings based solely on my opinion of the Stranger Things figures. I was super excited about those but, in particular, the loose and weak joint articulation turned me off. I assumed these IT figures would be the same. BUT THEY ARE NOT! Funko seriously improved the joints. Both tighter and they have that clickiness that kind’uv snaps the knees and elbows into place. I’m not sure what that’s called but, if you’re an action figure nerd, I think you know what I’m talking about. The paint apps on the IT figures is also a slight improvement over the Stranger Things figs. So, definitely steps in the right direction.

Let me point out just a couple annoying things. First off, one of Pennywise’s legs is shorter than the other. Not a lot, but enough to make him stand crooked. Also, it appears to me that only Bill has a painted face. I tend to prefer that approach as just straight up flesh plastic tends to look cheap, IMHO. But why only paint Bill’s face and not the others? Weird inconsistency.

Also, Bill, Beverly, Eddie, Richie, Mike, and Stan are all wearing their “final battle” outfits. Of the Loser’s Club, only Ben is wearing an outfit from another part of the movie. Gotta say, that inconsistency is bugging me.

Gripes aside, I’m really impressed with all the little details and choices Funko made with these figures. I mean, the even included the “S.S. Georgie” on the paper boat.

It was hard not to immediately pull out my Stranger Things figures and do some comparisons. Besides the differences in articulation quality mentioned above, these two lines can definitely exist in the same universe. Although I don’t know what upside down parallel dimension Richie and Mike will cross paths in!

Oh, and I know this is a burning question: are the Stranger Things and IT backpacks the same??? Bill (IT) and Will (ST) shopped at the same back-to-school sale. But Ben and Lucas did not.

Only a creepy sewer clown can make a Demogorgon look friendly.

If you’re on the fence about picking this series up, I’d recommend going for it. I began with some skepticism and ended up being pleasantly surprised by the quality, detail, and decision-making that went into the IT figures. That’s it, folks. Look for another IT figures review in about 30 years…

AwesomeToyBlog would like to thank our friends at Funko for providing these figures for an early look!

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  1. I just received the 3 that are available and now I definitely have to have the 4th box set. Has it been rumored or confirmed when and where the last set may come out at? This worries a lot of people now because of the not being able to complete past Funko lines that were promised a second wave. I hope the 4th box set does not go the way of Batman ’66 wave 2.

  2. I’m with Crayfish on this– really hoping that Set #3 with Stan and Mike sees the light of day. I’ve reached out to Funko via multiple channels but haven’t heard anything back.

    Overall this is a great series of the figures! The details and articulation are just what I was hoping for and they’re a steal at this price!

  3. I’ve been looking for weeks now for news of Set #3 with Stan and Mike. Still nothing– even when I’ve reached out to Funko directly.

    I’m starting to think that it’s just not happening…

  4. Hi Fred – just last week Funko sent a box with some figs in it, including the 3rd set. I’ve sent it off to Cantina Dan…let me see if he can do a quick review. But it is coming.

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