Hasbro’s NYCC Press Pictures – Transformers Kre-O

NYCC LogoNew York Comic Con kicks off tomorrow, but Hasbro got the party started a little early with their ‘Twas the Night Before’ party showcasing some new toys set to hit stores next spring. Among the product on display where the next assortments and sets in the Kre-O Transformers line. Check out the gallery below, and after the jump see complete set descriptions!


What I Opened Today: Transformers Masterpiece Wheeljack

transformersThis feature is usually ‘What I Bought Today’, but there’s a backup in the HQ of awesome toys I haven’t gotten around to opening. Yesterday, the USPS was kind enough to drop off a box from Hong Kong which contained the latest Masterpiece Transformer – Wheeljack. I picked him up off eBay, but all your favorite shops with import Transformers should have this guy.

Package Bio: No idea…the box text is in Japanese.

Thoughts: There aren’t many toys that I’ll import, but Masterpiece Transformers make the cut. Upon opening his box, you are greeted by Wheeljack in his  Lancia Stratos Turbo 5 rally car mode, the instruction manual, collectors card, a small bag containing two sets of rear view mirrors, his rocket launcher, rocket and laser pistol. In his car mode, Wheeljack is about 6″ long and 3″ wide. From a scale perspective, he fits right in with other MP Autobots. The paint details in car made are spot on and super clean, his green and red stripes look fantastic.

The Transformers from car to robot was mostly intuitive, except for the step where you flip his shoulders up and into their locked position. For the life of me, I could not get these shoulders in place…I got so frustrated I watched a youtube review to learn that no, I wasn’t missing something. Finally they just sort of fell into place, I guess I shouldn’t ever move him now since I’m not sure I’ll be able to repeat this.

In robot mode, Wheeljack stands just over 7″ tall from feet to the tip of his wings. He fits in nicely with the other MP Autobots. As with the other Masterpiece Transformers, this is essentially the definitive G1 Wheeljack toy, he’s essentially perfect. I’m not even sure what else needs to be said…he’s just about perfect.

Summary: Wheeljack was always one of my favorite G1 Transformers, in fact in the gallery below you can see a comparison between my original G1 toy and this new Masterpiece edition. Wheeljack is a shining example of the Masterpiece line, beautiful car mode and a near perfect robot mode. If you’re a G1 fan, go ahead and import him now…if he shows up in Toys R Us, he’s going to be about the same price as he is imported.


Funko’s Hikari Friday Introduces Two Pair of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Vinyls

hikari logo tnEvery Friday, Funko celebrates ‘Hikari Fridays’ and announces and gives away the latest in their collector’s grade vinyl collection. This week four new vinyls were announced; Optimus Prime and Bumblebee with a distressed deco and Optimus Prime and Bumblebee with a “24K” gold deco. The distressed decos are limited to 1000 pieces and have been posted for pre-order at some of your favorite shops (Optimus Prime and Bumblebee at Entertainment Earth). The “24K” deco ones are exclusive to Books-A-Million and can be ordered here for $49.99 each.

You can find Funko’s giveaway details on all your favorite social medias, assuming they are twitter, facebook and instagram. Good luck!

Transformers Masterpiece ‘Exhaust’ Announced

transformersTag Hobby today revealed some Transformers Masterpiece news today with the announcement of MP-23, a redeco of Masterpiece Wheeljack. Named Exhaust, the figure is a Masterpiece version of the Diaclone toy that became Wheeljack. Featuring a red and while vehicle mode, this figure is generally known in Transformers fandom as “Marlboro Wheeljack”.

Wheeljack is the next Masterpiece Transformer to be released, no release date is known yet for Exhaust.

tf mp exhaust

Hasbro’s Official SDCC Transformers Images

SDCC 2014 logo bAnd for my third and final gallery of official Hasbro images, I present those Robots in Disguise – the Transformers. In the gallery below are 2014’s Generations, Kre-O, and toys supporting next year’s series – Robots In Disguise. The official images of the new Aerialbots and Stunticons are gorgeous, these combiners will be added to my collection as soon as I find them…they’re an amazing update of the classic ‘Scramble City’ combiners.


And while we’re at it – take a look at a sneak peak of the upcoming show!

SDCC 2014 – Hasbro’s Transformers Brand Panel

SDCC 2014 logo bMy first panel for the year is Hasbro’s Transformers panel. I’ve also got a few pictures from this morning’s Transformers breakfast. The big news of the breakfast and panel was the reveal of the new combiner theme. Both Superion and Menasor are looking pretty awesome. They feature ‘Scrambe City’ type functionality where you can interchange parts and swap out limbs. The addition of being able to use some Legends scale figures as weapons also puts a new spin on things. Other notes from the panel:

  • G1 Dinobot Sludge/”Slog” will be Amazon exclusive
  • IDW will be doing a ‘Combiner Wars’ storyline
  • Combiners start Jan ’15
  • Legends Wave 1 -Powerglide, Thundercracker, Windcharger, Bombshell
  • Deluxe wave 1Firefly, Skydive, Alpha Bravo, Dragstrip
  • Deluxe wave 2 Air Raid, Dead End, Breakdown, Offroad
  • An IDW Comic will be in each deluxe set.
  • Voyager Wave 1 – Silverbolt, Optimus Prime – he’s the core of a combiner!
  • Voyager Wave 2 – Motormaster

We also got a sneak peak of the upcoming Transformers: Robots in Disguise show. The core team from Transformers: Prime has remained on as well as the animation studio. The show will be in the same continuity of Prime, but not take place immediately afterwards. The show will air in 2015. We also got a small peak at 2015 toys where 1-step changers will continue and the Legion Wave 2 will include Strong arm (female autobot) and Optimus Prime and Warrior Wave 1 includes a Bumblebee

SDCC 2014 – Hasbro’s Transformers Display

SDCC 2014 logo bHaving not gone to Botcon, alot of what I saw today had only been seen in the press picture that were sent out – so seeing the new Generations toys was a highlight of the Transformers area during preview night. Check these out, along with Age of Extinction toys, Rescue Bots, Construct Bots, Mixable Mashable Heroes and more in the gallery below.

Seriously – that Mixable Mashable basic Grimlock is fantastic.


WeLoveFine Comes to SDCC, Brings Exclusive Clothes

SDCC 2014 logo bJust today I opened a package from WeLoveFine, so it seems appropriate to details out a few of their SDCC Exlcusives. At the show you’ll be able to find them at booth #5647, at booth #1235 and inside the Lucasfilm Pavilion #2913N. The Lumberjanes exclusive you’ll see below will be at the BOOM! Studios booth #2229. Check out some details on what’ll be in WeLoveFine’s suitcases as they travel to San Diego.

If Geek Fashion is an interest of yours, they are participating in the “The Business of Geek Fashion” panel moderated by Lisa Granshaw (The Daily Dot, Fashionably Geek), which will join industry professionals for a behind-the-scenes look at the business of geek fashion, followed by a Q&A. The panel takes place Friday, July 25 from5:30pm – 6:30pm in Room 26AB.

Star Trek SDCC Exclusive T-Shirt: Commander Spock finds that this cosplay is HIGHLY illogical; and you’d be illogical not to pick up this amazing Star Trek tee, which will be limited to 200 units ONLY! Get them while they last! (Booth #1235)

Transformers “Knights of Unicron Tour” SDCC Exclusive T-Shirt: They’re more than meets the eye and they’re ready to ROCK!  We’re stoked about this ultra-cool Transformers design, a convention exclusive! (Booth #1235)

Bee and PuppyCat “Fish Bubbles” SDCC Exclusive T-Shirt:  Whoaaaaa, floating through Fishbowl Space!: Get your wardrobe in order before the full series of Bee and PuppyCat arrives with this exclusive design from Cartoon Hangover’s hit cartoon! (Booth #5647)

Lumberjanes “Holy Kitten” T-Shirt: All bow down before the Holy Kitten! This sweet design based on BOOM! Studios’ hit comic Lumberjanes is available exclusively at BOOM!’s booth; we’ll also have additional Lumberjanes styles. (BOOM!, Booth #2229; Additional styles, Booth #1235)

“Let’s Play This F#cker!” SDCC Exclusive T-Shirt: This design, inspired by Geek & Sundry’s “Co-Optitude” series, is an 8-bit must-have! We’ll have it at our booth all weekend; also available Thurs.-Fri. at the Geek & Sundry Lounge at Jolt’n Joe’s (4th Ave. & J St.) in the Gaslamp. (Booth #1235)

Star Wars Fashion Items: A completely new selection of intergalactic chic is coming to the Lucasfilm Pavilion; these styles and many more! May the fashion be with you! (Lucasfilm Pavilion, Booth #2913N)

Loyal Subjects Ghost Coneheads & Shattered Glass Dinobots Round Out SDCC Exclusives

SDCC 2014 logo bYou can’t have a few Autobots without some Decepticons…and while you’re at it you may as well add some Dinobots. At least, that’s what it seems The Loyal Subjects used as their criteria for selecting their SDCC exclusives. In addition to their Autobots 3 pack with Smokescreen, G2 Sideswipe and invisible Mirage we have a set of 3 ghost Conehead seekers and a set of 3 ‘Shattered Glass’ Dinobots.

The ‘Ghost Seeker’ pack includes Dirge, Ramjet and Thrust all with a clear / frosty deco. Limited to 500, this set will be available Friday, July 25th at 11AM PST.

The ‘Shattered Glass Dinobots’ set includes Grimlock, Snarl and Slag, also limited to 500, this set will be available Saturday, July 26th at 11AM PST.

loyal subjects ghost conheads loyal subjects shattered glass dinobots

The First Loyal Subjects SDCC Exclusive Announced – Transformers Autobot Set

SDCC 2014 logo bThe Loyal Subjects have announced their first SDCC exclusive for the show – a Transformers vinyls Autobot 3-pack. The three figures included in the set are an ‘invisible’ Mirage a G2 colored Sideswipe (black/red) and Smokescreen. These will be available at booth #5645 with a signing with Les Schettkoe on Thursday at 11AM. This set is limited to 500 pieces…and looks awesome.


Entertainment Earth Scores Exclusive Transformers Hikari Vinyl from Funko

EE LogoYesterday I was told that Entertainment Earth had some cool stuff to show off in the next few days and they weren’t kidding. Today they posted pre-orders for two exclusive Transformers Hikari vinyl figures from Funko. They are offering ‘battle ready’ versions of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee – both with a very G1 look. Funko’s Hikari Vinyl figures are a premium figure and are hand painted with over 75 paint applications. Both of these are limited to 1000 and won’t last long. Check them out below, and find Optimus here and Bumbleebee here.

TF Hikari Optimus EE TF Hikari Bumblebee EE

Transformers Week: Smash & Change Optimus Prime

transformersTransformers: Age of Extinction, the fourth Michael Bay directed Transformers cinematic outing, opened this past weekend to huge box office numbers. This week AwesomeToyBlog will take a daily look at one of the new toys in support of the film. Today’s the last day of Transformers week and I’m wrapping it up with Smash & Change Optimus Prime.

In the interest of full disclosure, as soon as I opened the box I didn’t expect to like this toy very much. Boxed, he looks quite nice. As I said when I previewed the Age of Extinction toys, I’m really quite fond of the unified look of the brand with the red ‘Transformers’ logo across all the packaging. When I opened him I noted that the articulation was limited, he has elbow articulation and the equivalent of a bicep swivel. This limited articulation does give Prime a few different poses he can hold with his included sword. On Optimus Prime’s back is the cab of his truck mode. This is when I hit bottom with this toy and said – “geez, that’s sorta lame”.

To transform Optimus Prime you adjust his arms down to his sides, grab him by the handle (on the back, connected the cab – can’t miss it) and whack Prime against a solid object – I used the countertop. In one swift motion Prime was a truck. I was amused by this. I whacked him against the counter again – he was a robot. Once more – truck. Again? Robot. The ‘Smash & Change’ gimmick totally worked. At this point the cab on Optimus’ back didn’t bother me at all. Whack! Truck. Whack! Robot. Of all the Transformers I’ve futzed with over the past month, two months – I think this one was the most fun. Sure, it’s not super articulated and I can’t put him in cool poses for photographs. And no, he’s not exactly a robot in disguise, since he’s a robot with a truck on his back…but you know what he is? Fun.

Final Thoughts: As an adult collector, I always feel that it’s tough reviewing younger skewing toys. Generations Transformers are aimed at kids and collectors – I know how to approach those. The Power Battlers, One-Step Transformers, Smash & Change Optimus Prime – those aren’t aimed at collectors, they’re for kids. They’re for playing. They’re for fun. Sometimes I don’t connect with them, but in the case of Smash & Change Prime, I totally connected. He’s just simply fun.

One final thanks to Hasbro and the fine folks at Hunter PR for providing the Transformers used for Transformers week.


Transformers Week: Kre-O Micro Changers Combiner Grimstone

transformersTransformers: Age of Extinction, the fourth Michael Bay directed Transformers cinematic outing, opened this past weekend to huge box office numbers. This week AwesomeToyBlog will take a daily look at one of the new toys in support of the film. Today’s entry is the Kre-O Micro Changers Combiner Grimstone. Grimstone is the combined mode of Mollox, Ironeye, Crackback and Iquanox.

In the box there’s 5 bags of parts – one for each robot and a bag of parts needed to build Grimstone. Each of the robot builds are essentially legs + tors0 + “backpack” + head + helmet. Despite the formulaic approach, each of the four robots, Mollox, Ironeye, Crackback and Iquanox look distinctive. They are also each well armed. To go from robot mode to beast mode, you need to take a few parts off and rebuild each one. In general this worked well except for Mollow – the flying beast. Due to some interference between the helmet and the ‘backpack’ I had to add an extra part to the top of his head so there was sufficient space and the helmet would stay on. I checked the directions a couple times to make sure I was doing it right, and I was. Weird.

Building the combined form, Grimstone requires you to take everything apart and start with the extra bag of parts. While some might think that’s a negative, I liked it as it made the process a little more involved and the result was a little better looking that I would have expected if you had just stuck the four robots together. Fully assembled Grimstone is pretty sturdy and stands about a head taller than a 3 3/4″ figure.

Final thoughts: The Kreons are easily the run away stars of the Kre-O line, so the Micro Changers combiners hit a pretty sweet spot. You get four Kreon figures which each have their own alternate mode and, on top of that, form one larger combined form. Grimstone gets an extra bump since each character is dinosaur based. The only problem I had with the set is Mollox’s helmet not fitting right in beast mode, but it was an easy to fix issue.

As with the other Transformers week posts – thanks to the fine folks at Hasbro and HunterPR for the samples that are being reviewed.

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