Voting Now Open for Transformers Hall of Fame In the Official Transformers App

transformersTransformers Hall of Fame voting is now LIVE in the Official Transformers App, (available for iOS and Android from Fans are now able to vote for their favorites in three fan-nominated categories — Favorite TRANSFORMERS Character (Galvatron, Optimus Primal or Prowl), Best COMBINER Robot (Bruticus, Devastator or Predaking) and Best Musical Act Used in a TRANSFORMERS Branded Production (Anne Bryant, Vince DiCola or “Weird Al” Yankovic — with the winners to be announced at BotCon, the Official TRANSFORMERS Convention, in St. Charles, Illinois from June 18-21, 2015.

The bios for the nominees are can be found in the app in the “BIOS” section, and voting can be done in the “VOTE” section.

Transfomers May Mayhem Has Arrived

transformersHasbro Inc. will showcase the figures from its iconic TRANSFORMERS brand though MAY MAYHEM, a new fan initiative spotlighting the hot new TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS: COMBINER WARS line. MAY MAYHEM kicks off with a special retail event, launching today through notable online retailers, allowing fans to purchase AERIALBOT QUICKSLINGER and STUNTICON BRAKE-NECK figures from the COMBINER WARS line, and continues fan participation, multi-platform storytelling and online promotions throughout the month of May.

“Our goal with May Mayhem is to provide collectors of the TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS line with a robust multi-platform experience,” said Tom Warner, senior vice president of the TRANSFORMERS franchise at Hasbro. “With the combination of amazing new toys and great storytelling from our partners, it’s never been a better time to be a TRANSFORMERS fan.”

Hasbro’s TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS action figures feature characters and expressions from throughout the 30 plus years of the TRANSFORMERS brand. In 2015 the GENERATIONS line unites under one big story – COMBINER WARS, featuring teams of TRANSFORMERS robots that combine together into one giant COMBINER robot!

Starting today, AERIALBOT QUICKSLINGER and STUNTICON BRAKE-NECK will be available exclusively through participating online retailers, such as (Quickslinger, Brake-Neck),,,, Entertainment Earth (Quickslinger, Brake-Neck), BigBadToyStore, Diamond Comics and With these two new figures, fans are able to complete their G1-accurate SUPERION and MENASOR COMBINER figures!

Additionally, several participating online retailers will be running special promotions on TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS: COMBINER WARS figures, providing fans with an ideal way to complete their collections. As part of MAY MAYHEM, will launch a new Collector Hub and will offer 20% off select TRANSFORMERS items starting on May 25th. Also on May 25th, will offer a “Buy More, Save More” promotion on TRANSFORMERS items. Fans should also keep an eye on the Toys R’ Us Twitter account (@ToysRUs) this week to discover the special power of VICTORION, the brand new fan-built COMBINER! Then on May 27th, Amazon.comwill be running a “Day of Deals” promotion on TRANSFORMERS items.

The action continues the week of May 25th, with the start of the TRANSFORMERS HALL OF FAME vote in the TRANSFORMERS OFFICIAL APP (available for iOS and Android from Fans will be able to vote for their favorites in three fan-nominated categories — Favorite TRANSFORMERS Character, Best COMBINER Robot and Best Musical Act Used in a TRANSFORMERS Branded Production — with the winners to be announced at BotCon, the Official TRANSFORMERS Convention, in St. Charles, Illinois from June 18-21, 2015. Then, later in May, the epic “COMBINER WARS” story that’s been running through IDW Publishing’s TRANSFORMERS comics comes to a head in TRANSFORMERS: WINDBLADE —COMBINER WARS #3.

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Quickslinger_1.jpeg Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Brake-Neck_1.jpeg

Hold On To Your Bots – Transformers May Mayhem About To Start

transformersMay is going to be an a-MAY-zing time to be a Transformers fan as we’re about to enter May Mayhem. Look forward to a month filled with exciting moments in Transformer Fandom, Transformers Media and your own Transformers Combiner Wars collection.

The fun will start around mid-month as the fans’ choice voting begins for the Transformers Hall of Fame. This year you’ll not just get to choose a bot to join the priveledged ranks, but also a person and a combiner. Then on May 13th, the latest chapter of IDW’s Combiner Wars storyline is released with Transformers #41. May 22nd sees the release of Aerialbot Quickslinger and Stunticon Brake-Neck which will restore complete G1-ness to your Combiner Wars Superion and Menasor figures. Quickslinger and Brake-Neck will be available exclusively on-line at retailers like,,,,, and May 27th will see the Combiner Wars battle come to a head in Transformers Windblade – Combiner Wars #3. And finally look to the Transformers facebook page for a new product reveal towards the end of the month!

May Mayhem is packed full of Transformers goodness. There’s a little more to wait for – later this week check in for the AwesomeToyBlog review of Quickslinger and Brake-Neck!


Who Do You Want in the Transformers Hall of Fame?

transformersEach year Hasbro asks fans for help with their inductees to the Transformers Hall of Fame. For the first time since 2010, we’re being asked to nominate for three different categories. These categories are:
• BEST COMBINER ROBOT (Fictional Robot Character)
A few…rules:
• This is the first time Hasbro is calling on their fans to induct real people into the Hall of Fame as a Fans’ Choice inductee.
• The Favorite Character category functions just like the general Fans’ Choice category did for the past 6 years, letting fans nominate whichever Transformers characters they’d like to see inducted that have not already been inducted. However, Combiners will not be considered for this category due to the Best Combiner category.
• No characters or people who have already been inducted will be considered for nomination. See the list below for the full list of awesome folks already in the Hall of Fame.
Fictional Character Inductees: Arcee* (2014),  Bumblebee (2010), Dinobot* (2010), Grimlock ( 2012), Ironhide (2011), Jazz (2012), Megatron (2010), Megatron – Beast Wars* (2013), Optimus Prime (2010), Ratchet (2011), Rodimus* (2014), Shockwave (2012), Soundwave (2011), Starscream ( 2010), Ultra Magnus* (2013), Waspinator* (2011), Wheeljack* (2012)
*indicates fan-voted inductee
Human Inductees:
·      Michael Bay (Class of 2011) – director of the Transformers film series.
·      Bob Budiansky (Class of 2010) – author of some of the most formative comic books in Transformers lore.
·      Stan Bush (Class of 2014) – writer and performer of “The Touch” and “Dare” from the Transformers: The Movie soundtrack.
·      Peter Cullen (Class of 2010) – iconic voice behind Autobot leader Optimus Prime.
·      Simon Furman (Class of 2012) – writer of several Transformers comics.
·      Yoke Hideaki (Class of 2010) – among the most prominent and influential designers of Transformers toys.
·      Chris Latta (Class of 2012) – voice of many original Transformers characters, including Starscream, Wheeljack, and Sparkplug Witwicky.
·      Kojin Ohno (Class of 2010) – designer of the first-ever Transformers toy.
·      Steven Spielberg (Class of 2011) – producer of the Transformers film series.
So this is your chance – leave a comment and have your voice heard!  I’ll submit the top suggestions to Hasbro and they’ll be in the running!

Hasbro Brings Some Extra G1 Goodness to Combiner Wars

transformersIn the event your Combiner Wars Superion and Menasor aren’t G1 enough for you, Hasbro has made your day with the announcement of two additional Combiner Wars deluxe figures. These new figures, Quickslinger and Brake-Neck will be available in May. Quickslinger is the new name for the G1 Aerialbot Slingshot and Brake-Neck is the new name for G1 Wildrider. Check them out in the gallery below.

Preview the Upcoming Transformers: Robots in Disguise Exhibit at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

transformersThanks to our pals at Hasbro and the social media team at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, we’ve got a preview of the upcoming Transformers: Robots in Disguise exhibit. This exhibit opens on March 7th.  This preview will give some idea of what to expect and how the displayed objects relate to hands on learning opportunities. Enjoy!

FanReveal-1-EntryA FanReveal-1-EntryB


Welcome to the Transformers Universe! The exhibit’s entry will ask you to “Choose Your Team,” with featured photo ops with Optimus Prime and Megatron.  exhibit entry.]


There will also be a display of full-size Transformers fan costumes, including The Children’s Museum’s own Bumblebee costume.


Examine Transformers vintage toys and character images, which represent a sampling of the 6,000 characters developed by Hasbro over the past 30 years.  This space includes a 10’ Optimus Prime statue from Transformers: Age of Extinction, an Autobot and Decepticon character display, and other interactives focused on the fantasy world of Transformers


The Hasbro toy design area will allow you to participate in key phases of the toy making process including aspects such as conceptual design, engineering, and testing. Enter an immersive space emulating Hasbro designers at work and watch a 3D printer printing a grey model prototype.


Autobot Central is a facilitated program space featuring hands-on workshops where visitors design robotic creations using some of the same skills used by Transformers designers. The space will also feature vintage commercials and cartoons.


The Become Bumblebee interactive asks visitors to imagine if YOU were a Transformer as you virtually transform into a robot on screen.

Toy Fair 2015 – Hasbro’s Transformers

tf15-tnNot that it was a competition, but if it had been, the Transformers brand would have been the winner of the Hasbro Collector’s event today. New reveals included an all new Ultra Magnus, Combiner Wars Defensor and a HUGE Devastator. Unlike other Combiner Wars combiners, Devastator is built from 6 Voyager size constucticons.

Also on display were the newest Transformers: Robots in Disguise figures, including the return of Mini-cons. Check out the gallery below.

TRANSFORMERS: Robots in Disguise Special Primetime Premiere Airs Saturday, March 14 on Cartoon Network

transformersCartoon Network will unleash TRANSFORMERS: Robots in Disguise on Saturday, March 14 at 6 p.m. (ET/PT) with a special one-hour premiere event. The latest installment in the iconic franchise features an all new animation style, and builds upon the lore of the iconic Transformers franchise filled with great humor and lots of fun adventure for fans of all ages.

The new series begins as Bumblebee must step up to be a leader in the years after we left the Autobots in Transformers Prime. Summoned by Optimus Prime to save Earth from a new Decepticon threat, Bumblebee puts his light-hearted mettle to the test after assembling a rogue team of young Autobot action heroes. Bumblebee must balance his job fighting off evil with being equal parts squad leader and coach to a rascally band that needs constant coaxing to learn how to work together. The results are comical when the cool rebel Sideswipe, elite guard cadet Strongarm, bombastic dinobot Grimlock and overly-excited mini-con Fixit must balance keeping the team together with chasing and capturing their new enemies in every episode packed full of action, fun and adventure.

Following the premiere event, new episodes can be seen every Saturday starting on March 21st at 6:30 a.m. ET/PT.

tf rid preview art

Transformers “Fan Built Combiner” Poll Kicks Off

transformersLast week, Hasbro announced that they’d have another “Fan Built Bot” promotion where fans will be able to build an all new combiner. Voting will occur via the TRANSFORMERS brand app (formerly the official TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION app) and fans will be able to log-in and answer a round of questions to help shape the identity of the new Combiner characters. The Fan Built Combiner poll will allow fans to determine everything from the types of vehicles involved, to whether the characters will be AUTOBOTS or DECEPTICONS, and eventually the name of the new character.

Voting for each round will be open for one week, after which the results will be announced and a new round of voting will begin, with three total rounds of questions in all. Additionally, the world’s leading dedicated toy retailer, Toys“R”Us, will host a “bonus” question on its Twitter channel  on February 18, allowing its followers and fans to join the conversation and vote on the Combiner’s special power. A full reveal of the new Fan Built Combiner is expected later this year, with the character available as a toy in 2016.

So…get to voting!

combiner wars picture

“Fan Built Combiner” Poll Launching Via TRANSFORMERS APP

transformersOne of the ways the Transformers’ 30th anniversary was celebrated was with the “Fan Built Bot” poll which resulted in the creation of an all-new Autobot – “Windblade”. This year Hasbro’s having another poll and this time around it’s a little bigger. This year Hasbro is launching a “Fan Built Combiner” poll, seeking fan input to create a new team of Transformers that combine into one giant new character in celebration of the theme of the 2015 TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS line, COMBINER WARS!

Starting soon, with exact dates to be announced, the official TRANSFORMERS brand app (formerly the official TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION app) will be updated and fans will be able to log-in and answer a round of questions to help shape the identity of the new Combiner characters. The Fan Built Combiner poll will allow fans to determine everything from the types of vehicles involved, to whether the characters will be AUTOBOTS or DECEPTICONS, and eventually the name of the new character.

Voting for each round will be open for one week, after which the results will be announced and a new round of voting will begin the following week, with three rounds of questions in all. A full reveal of the new Fan Built Combiner is expected later this year, with the character available as a toy in 2016.

“The first ‘Fan Built Bot’ effort was massive, resulting in the creation of WINDBLADE who has her own widely popular comic series from IDW Publishing and toy product,” said Tom Warner, senior vice president of the TRANSFORMERS franchise at Hasbro. “With the TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS: COMBINER WARS line celebrating the venerable COMBINER characters from throughout TRANSFORMERS history this year, this is the perfect time to let fans help create something even bigger than a new TRANSFORMERS character — a Combiner team that will become part of TRANSFORMERS lore.”

The new “Fan Built Combiner” character will be part of the TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS: COMBINER WARS toy line. Like all the toys in the line, which debut in stores this month, the new Combiner figure will be able to mix-and-match limbs with other figures in the line so kids and fans can create their own custom TRANSFORMERS COMBINERS figures.

To participate in the vote, fans will need to download the free official TRANSFORMERS brand app on iOS [] and Android []. Starting with the Fan Built Combiner update, launching soon, the refreshed app will become the premiere destination for TRANSFORMERS fans and will feature first-look and behind-the-scenes images and information on new TRANSFORMERS: GENERATIONS toys. Additional information will be available atTRANSFORMERS.COM as well as the official TRANSFORMERS Facebook page at

combiner wars picture

What I Opened Today: Transformers Generations Arcee

transformersIn 1986, Transformers: The Movie introduced a whole new group of Autobots and Decepticons (while killing off many after school friends) to both the Transformers cartoon and toy shelves. One character was absent from those shelves – Arcee. In 2014, as part of the Transformers Generations toy line, Hasbro has finally released a G1 Arcee. While it’s tough to say if she was worth a 28 year wait, she’s a pretty fantastic toy.

Package Bio: ARCEE is one of the most dangerous AUTOBOTS, despite her comparatively small size. She believes the Decepticons must be stopped at all costs. That belief, combined with her combat training, makes her a pure warrior, a hunter who mixes speed and sudden action to strike DECEPTICON targets whenever she can.

Thoughts: 28 years is a long time, but if I’m going to have to wait that long for a toy, I hope it’s as good as this G1 Arcee toy is.


Arcee’s robot mode is the weaker of her two. Mind you, it’s 100% Arcee, but she carries a good chunk of her car mode on her back which makes her a less sleek as her animation model. Of course, I have no suggestions on how they could improve things, so I suppose she’s just got an oversized backpack now. Outside of that, she’s pretty much all around awesome. She features all the articulation we’ve come to expect from Generations Trasnsformers, a ton of weapons and a great headsculpt.

Arcee’s Cybertronian cruiser mode is nearly perfect. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in an alien pink car. From the smooth lines to the stabilizing fin on top – this is Arcee.  Top notch work here, Hasbro! There’s really not much else to say!

Summary: In general, due to my dwindling free space, I’ve really been limiting my Transformers purchases to Masterpieces, but occasionally a figure like Arcee comes along that I just have to have. Fortunately she was well worth the exception and any G1 fan will have to pick her up!

Transformers and How To Train Your Dragon 2 Pop! Exclusives At Walmart

POP LOGOOur friends at Funko gave us a heads up that Walmart and has some Pop! exclusives for the holidays. From the Transformers movies are Stinger and Bumble Bee and from How To Train Your Dragon 2 comes Toothless with Racing Stripes. Look for these items on or check your local Walmart stores by the checkout lanes. Not every Walmart carries Pop!s so you may need to check a few.  Happy hunting!

AwesomeToyBlog Holiday Gift Guide Day 4 – Transformers

AwesomeToyBlog Gift Guide IconTransformers are wrapping up their 30th anniversary and are almost as popular as they’ve ever been. I’ve been on board with Transformers since the beginning, so I have some awesome memories of Autobots battling Decepticons on Christmas morning. Today’s entry in the gift guide is split into three parts – gifts for young kids, gifts for older kids and gifts for big kids.

Gifts for Young Kids

For the youngest Transformers fans I have three products that make fantastic gifts. Up first are the Transformers Hero Mashers figures. These modular figures let you take your figures apart, mix them up and make your own Transformers. Some of the franchise’s most popular characters are available including Optimus Prime, Megatron and Soundwave. Prices on these range from about $8 to $25.

Also recommended are the One-Step Transformers and Smash and Change Optimus Prime. These are perfect as they really enable quick Transformations and let playing take center stage. Smash and Change Optimus has been a favorite since the Age of Extinction toys came out – he’s pretty nifty. To go from robot to truck mode hit the toy against a surface and he Transformers. Hit him again – back to truck mode. It’s quick, works really well and is satisfying and around $20. The smaller one-step Transformers are also lots of fun, Grimlock is a favorite of these, these run around $10.

Finally, if you’re looking for a bigger gift for the Transformers loving kid, look no further than Stomp and Chomp Grimlock. This huge Grimlock converts quick and easy, has electronic sounds and even includes a small Optimus figure who rides him. This Grimlock stole the show at Toy Fair and this is one toy I know my nephew would go bonkers for.

Gifts for Older Kids

For the older kids who love Transformers, shoot for the Generations product line. There have been some fantastic toys in the range this year. The new Jetfire figure is big, sturdy and gorgeous. At the lower price points the deluxe scale also has some great options – the new Rattrap figure updates a Beast Wars favorite and G1 Arcee finally gets a figure. These are around $15 each and are widely available.

Gifts for Big Kids

For big kids, aka adults, it’s easy. Get them any of the Masterpiece Transformers, these are updated and advanced versions of the G1 Transformers that started it all. There have been some great figures released this year in the Masterpiece line – my favorite is the G2 version of Sideswipe with Prowl giving him a run for his money. Check out to see what else is available.

IDW Continues To Celebrate Transformers 30th Anniversary

transformers2014 marks the 30th Anniversary of Hasbro’s TRANSFORMERS, which has been celebrated thus far with a blockbuster film and critically acclaimed comic series’ from IDW. But the party isn’t quite over as IDW still has some TRANSFORMERS debuts this year!

The long-running TRANSFORMERS comic, which originally appeared in 1984, came to an epic conclusion as, TRANSFORMERS: Regeneration Oneby IDW reached its 100th issue! Original series’ writer,Simon Furman and artist Andrew Wildman led the illustrious series to its closing chapter earlier this year.

But as one chapter closed, a new one began during the “Dawn of The Autobots.” After the cataclysmic changes of “Dark Cybertron” the Autobots gained unexpected new allies, of whom the breakout star, WINDBLADE, the first ever fan voted character, ventured out on her own critically-acclaimed mini-series written by Mairghread Scott and stunningly illustrated by Sarah Stone.

The smash-hit new series TRANSFORMERS vs. G.I. JOE by Tom Scioli and John Barber made waves upon its Free Comic Book Day debut. With its stylized over-the-top approach, issue #1 sold out before the first issue even hit the shelves! The epic space-romp has not only been praised by the comic community, but has also struck a cord with fans.

“It’s been an amazing year for TRANSFORMERS comics,” said Barber, IDW Publishing’s Senior Editor. “The fans seem to be digging what we’re making, and it seems like there’s more fans every day. It’s been amazing seeing how fast people have come to love WINDBLADE—and especially gratifying to see kids inspired by her. Add to that the phenomenal response to TRANSFORMERS vs. G.I. JOE and the outstanding level of quality on the other ongoing series, and it’s been a banner year. Wait’ll everybody sees what we’ve got coming in 2015!”

Throughout the year variant homage covers have graced the ongoing series’ More Than Meets The Eye by writer James Roberts and artist Alex Milne and Robots in Disguise by writer John Barber and artist Andrew Griffith. Celebrating the rich history of TRANSFORMERS, these covers highlighted monumental moments throughout the history of Transformers.

This year has also seen a number of premier TRANSFORMERS collections released from IDW; from the 30th Anniversary Collection, with highlights from the many iterations of TRANSFORMERS in comics, to TRANSFORMERS Legacy: The Art of TRANSFORMERS Packaging.

The Cybertronian War has been the explosive topic of the TRANSFORMERS series Autocracy andMonstrosity and the final chapter in this expansive storyline, Primacy debuted this fall! Written by Chris Metzen and Flint Dille with art by Livio Ramondeli this epic conclusion can’t be missed!

DRIFT, who made his debut in the pages of IDW comics was featured in the blockbuster hit film TRANSFORMERS: Age of Extinction, and this month he returns to his comic roots in the new mini-series from creators Shane McCarthy and Guido Guidi! Drift—Empire of Stone sees the fan-favorite character take on a mission to clean up the darkest depths of the galaxy.

As IDW comes up on its tenth year with TRANSFORMERS, it embarks on the wildest and most unexpected of crossovers with ANGRY BIRDS TRANSFORMERS. Written by John Barber the mini-series will be drawn by Marcelo Ferreira, and debuts tomorrow!

It’s been a huge year for TRANSFORMERS in the anniversary year, and IDW is honored to be involved in the celebrations!

IDW TF 30th

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