Telltale games releases Walking Dead trailer

That trailer was brand new from Telltale Games, featuring the story of ‘A New Day’ the first of five episodes of the Walking Dead game series. This series takes a look at an unexplored corner of ‘The Walking Dead’ universe – featuring Lee Everett, a murderer who finds himself free in a world of vicious zombies.  This episode is available now on PlayStation Network ($4.99), and available soon on Xbox LIVE (400 points) and as season pass covering all five episodes for $24.99 from the Telltale Online Store for Mac / PC.

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First BigHead BASH game trailer now online

Spicy Horse Games  have released the first trailer from their upcoming game “BigHead BASH”.  “BigHead BASH” takes is an online platform game which features characters inspired by vinyl figures. Once the game launches, you’ll be able to add figures from your favorite licenses to your playable characters – it’ll be a virtual toy store where you can get new characters and trade others with your friends. Some of the properties already slated for inclusion in the game are Dr. Romanelli and Alice (from the EA game) with more properties being added constantly.    This first trailer introduces the first team of toys – Attack Force, and shows some of the gamplay.  You can check out the trailer below or on their YouTube channel.  You should also head to their facebook page and ‘Like’ the game.


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