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Mezco To Reveal New ThunderCats Figures At Toy Fair? is reporting that Mezco will be debuting ThunderCats figure(s) at New York Toy Fair next month. This would be a return to ThunderCats for Mezco, who’s last ThunderCats release was the Mega Scale Cheetara in 2013.  figu be again releasing figures based on the ThunderCats property. Mezco’s last mega scale ThunderCats figure was released in 2013. There are no details as to if this new release will be a continuation of the Mega Scale figures or be in a different scale (such as the One:12 Collective). Keep checking back with AwesomeToyBlog for toy fair coverage for ThunderCats and all your favorite lines starting February 14th. Thanks to Mark at for the heads up on this news.


What You Won’t See From Hasbro At Toy Fair

hasbro-logoToy Fair isn’t too far off, and our pals at HunterPR have sent out a pre-emptive note clarifying a few items that won’t be at Toy Fair. First up will be toys from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, other Star Wars toys will be there, but nothing from the upcoming movie. That said, there’s still this leak from Rebelscum with the alleged solicitations for movie toys (Micro Machines back to life! 6″ scale starfighter!!) and I’m stoked for other reveals for the 6″ line.

G. I. Joe toys will also not be at Hasbro’s Toy Fair show room…but this isn’t totally bad news. 2014 saw a new brand manager appointed for the line and new product will be ready for debut at Joe Con in April.


AwesomeToyBlog’s Top 10 Toys of Toy Fair 2014

tf14 tnI’ve been back in the AwesomeToyBlog HQ for a few days now and I’ve been thinking about the thousands of new toys I saw over the past week. The below list captures many of my favorites, I did try to have some variety here so it’s not my 10 favorite things from Hasbro. Also these items are not presented in order…I’d be hard pressed to single out my absolute favorite new item. Enjoy.

  1. Star Wars Black Series 6″ Figures – Jabba?  Speederbiker? Chewbacca?  Darth Vader?  Near perfection. I saw these figures 3 times over the course of the show and each time I was blown away by them. I’m not a huge fan of the 6″ scale, but you win this time Hasbro. You win – these are amazing.
  2. Bandai Sprukits – When I went to the Bandai booth my PR contact suggested I check these out – and I’m grateful I did (Thanks Sarah!).  I thought these model kits which build an articulated action figure were super cool.
  3. S. H. Figuarts Mario. I had already pre-ordered the figure and accessory kits before I went to toy fair, but the huge booth display really sold me on the figure.
  4. Buffy Pop! Vinyl Figures – Years ago when Pop! vinyls were just rolling, in one of my emails with Funko I asked when I could expect Buffy Pop! vinyls. I guess the answer should have been 2014. Well worth the wait.
  5. NECA’s Quarter Scale Arkham Batman – Totally gorgeous. NECA knocked him out of the park. I’ve been waffling on the quarter scale Batmen so far…this is the one that got me.
  6. Playmobil’s ‘Rock Climbers with Mountain Animals’ set – As an occasional rock climber, the moment I saw this set I had to have it. To top it off, this set includes a family of marmots. Marmots!
  7. Kill Bill figures from Diamond Select Toys. – When I saw Adam16bit on Sunday of Toy Fair he told me how cool these were, and when I saw the figures on Monday, I realized how right he was. These look great! Since photography wasn’t allowed, you’ll just have to take my word for it.
  8. Twilight Zone Vintage-esque figures – Presented in the ‘Kenner’ style, but with a screen-accurate black and white twist. These looked great…and I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a sucker for black & white figures from shows that were shown in black & white.
  9. Kotobukiya’s Avengers ArtFx+ Statues – I was excited when these were teased at the 2013 Toy Fair. I thought the prototypes at SDCC looked great. Seeing the team assembled at Toy Fair 2014 was perfect. I’ll be making shelf space for these.
  10. Shockwave vinyl figure from Loyal Subjects – It’s a little cute Shockwave! What’s not to love?

Toy Fair 2014 – Uncle Milton

tf14 tnWhile at Toy Fair, I visited Uncle Milton, who makes the Marvel Science and Star Wars Science toys. I’ll admit that, outside of those two lines, I didn’t really have much familiarity with their products and saw some really cool stuff. Here’s a few things that caught my eye during my visit.

Star Wars Science Force Lightning Energy Ball: Like Yoda or the Emperor, you can harness the power of force lightning! Ok, it’s a plasma ball….but who doesn’t love a plasma ball?

Marvel Science Captain America Shield Trainer: With this toy you set up various blockades and barriers on an activity board and, using Cap’s shield, try to knock down a target. This is a fun way to teach kids about angles and how things rebound.

Marvel Science Transforming Hulk: Bruce Banner always said you wouldn’t like him when he’s mad, but that’s also apparently true when he’s wet. With the Transforming Hulk toy, you immerse him in water and he grows to four times his original size and busts out of the vault that’s restraining him.

Torch In My Room: This wall mountable torch adds a fun flickering ‘flame’ to any room…and when there’s adventuring to do – you can remove the torch from it’s wall mount and take it with you. It would make a great night light!

Screechin’ Squirrel Whirler: This is a balloon powered, glow in the dark, noise making copter.

Dino Hunter UV Night Vision Goggles: The goggles let kids see the marks from an ‘invisible’ ink pen – and with the included dinosaur foot stencils – parents can mark the tracks of a dinosaur and send their kids off on an adventure. I would have loved something like this when I was a kid.

See these and some of the other cool products on display in the gallery below.

Toy Fair 2014 – Mega Bloks

tf14 tnThe Mega Bloks showroom at Toy Fair was huge, and during my visit I focused on the boys/collector parts of the showroom.  This post will list out each of the key themes and call out a highlight or two of each.

World Builders: This theme combines the John Deere, CAT, NYPD and Jeep brands under one umbrella brand. I’ve always been a fan of their Jeep sets (the Jeep Wrangler set is a great looking set), but the prize build in category is the NYPD Mobile Command Center. Based on a real life NYPD vehicle, this set has some great accessories that really make it fun. This is one to check out!

Hot Wheels: The Mega Bloks / Mattel partnership continues to be strong as Hot Wheels roll into another year of product. My favorite product this year is the Super Race Set 8-in-1, which provides enough pieces to build 8 mini cars, 1 large car, or any number of combinations in between. There’s a ton of opportunity for creativity, which should be one of the draws of any construction set.

Spongebob Squarepants: Brand new this year for Mega Bloks is Spongebob Squarepants. Each set is lifted direct from an episode – and there will be a ton of unique figures in this theme. My favorite set on display was the Invisible Boatmobile Rescue – the car is fantastic, built all from a translucent blue bloks…very cool.

Power Rangers: The hugely popular Power Rangers sets continue for another year – including the blind bagged mini action figures. For Power Rangers I’m not sure if my favorite new item was the Collectibles Figures Pack, which has 6 different Ranger characters or the new smaller sized, lower priced Megazords. I really like the opportunities for mix-and-match with the Zords to make your own.

Kapow!: Kapow! is a brand new collection for the year where you first build your robot then control them in combat against another robot. Your options here are for single robots or the ‘Bash vs. Nitro Showdown’ which has you ready right out of the box for combat.

Skylanders: Photos weren’t allowed of the new Skylanders sets, but each sets incorporates brand new rocket launchers and ‘action points’ where hitting the target activates an action feature in the set. The other play pattern in the Skylanders sets this year is ‘spinning battle’…you assemble your spinner, choose your battle tip, place your character in the spinner and go off to battle in the Force Frost Guard Battle Arcade.

Call of Duty: Following on it’s introduction last fall, Call of Duty returns this year which a ton of new sets and figures (including zombies and Riley the dog). The star of the show for the new Call of Duty sets is the ODIN Space Station Strike set – it’s tough to beat astronauts fighting in space over a space station. It’s a great set.

Halo: Last, but far from least, Halo returns this year with new micro action figures featuring all new and interchangeable armors. Of the new sets this year, the UNSC Auto Mantis Attack is quite impressive. The Mantis features working rocket launchers, lights, sounds and is remote controlled. Using the X-Box One style remote control you can line up your target and fire away. It’s very, very cool.

Toy Fair 2014 – Disney Consumer Products: Planes: Fire & Rescue, Star Wars Rebels, Guardians of the Galaxy, Amazing Spider-Man 2

tf14 tnMy first event on the second day of Toy Fair was the Disney Consumer Products event, which highlighted the upcoming product in support of three upcoming Disney properties- Planes: Fire & Rescue, Guardians of Galaxy and the Disney XD series Star Wars Rebels. For each property we viewed a brief video on the property (the Guardians footage looked great!) – and then a special guest briefly highlighted one or two upcoming products. By special guest, I mean special – Dane Cook was on hand for Planes: Fire & Rescue (voice of Dusty Crophopper), Chris Pratt had a pre-recorded segment with a Hasbro Star Lord figure, Andrew Garfield and Jorge Vega represented Amazing Spider-Man 2. Freddie Prinze Jr. (voice of Kanan) attended for Star Wars Rebels and showcased the Lego model of his character’s ship – The Ghost.

Dane Cook Andrew Garfield, Jorge Vega Freddie Prinze Jr

Following the video presentations, we were unleashed into a show room with a ton of upcoming products! Check out the gallery below for all the upcoming products from Hasbro, Jakks Pacific and others and see complete descriptions of some of the items after the jump.


Toy Fair 2014 – Tomy

tf14 tnDuring my visit to the Tomy booth during toy fair I was surprised to learn that they picked up the rights to Sonic the Hedgehog. With a new game on the horizon, Sonic Boom, Tomy has some great product planned across action figures, plush and roleplay. The figure prototypes on display all looked really good.
Tomy continues to produce Pokemon toys and, of this years’ offerings, my favorite was a foam disk firing Pikachu.
Following their debut at last years’ Toy Fair, BattroBorgs are returning with a brand new arena, new robots and new fighting moves for battling fun. These were one of my favorite new products last year and I’m happy to see them return.
Check out these and other products on display in the gallery below!

Toy Fair 2014 – JAKKS Pacific

tf14 tnJAKKS has some big plans for 2014 and not just metaphorically. Some of the products that stood out to me were:

  • miWorld – I’m almost embarrassed by how into this line I was. Each set is a different shop and, by collecting the sets, you can build your own shopping mall. In addition to physical play, there’s also a digital element via the miWorld app where you can beam your avatar into the playsets and interact with elements in the app. These are really nice playsets, and accessory packs provide a way to customize it and make it your own. I can’t wait to have Batman working that counter at Sprinkles!
  • 48″ Ninja Turtle. Yes…a 4 feet tall Ninja Turtles. I said Jakks had big plans for the year. A giant Michelangelo was on display and looked very impressive. To top it off – there’s storage in his shell.
  • Big Figures – the 31″ figures will be continuing. The Star Wars: Rebels Inquisitor was on display and looked fantastic. Another big fig on the way, but not on display, is Godzilla.
  • Nintendo – JAKKS will be producing 2.5″ tall articulated figures on various Nintendo properties…the Ganon figure looked fantastic. I can’t wait to see these on the pegs. They also have a rideable Mario Kart (which I missed in my pics).
  • Hero Portal – JAKKS plug ‘n play games now get a ‘collect and play’ twist with their Hero Portal game sets. Each set includes two figures and have an expansion package available with 2 extra figures which unlock the characters in the video game. These are planned for TMNT, Power Rangers and DC Universe. These are a great way to get the ‘collect and play’ play pattern without the expense of a home video console.
  • Spynet get a ‘Covert Ops’ make over this year and has some very cool product including the Covert Ops™ Bot Remote Control Vehicle & Video Camera, which is essentially a drone for kids. You toss it and then drive it to the destination, even out of sight, thanks to the embedded camera beaming the video back to the RC controller.

Toy Fair 2014 – Hasbro Nerf, Rebelle, My Little Pony, Mr. Potato Head and More!

tf14 tnWhile I do love my Hasbro Star Wars, Marvel and Transformers lines – there’s so much else going on, that I decided to give Hasbro a second round of coverage. Monday evening I had the chance to spend some time in the rest of the showroom. Highlights include:

  • My Littly Pony: Equestria Girls – a second movie is on the way, with the theme ‘Rainbow Rocks’. Expect a colorful music adventure!
  • Nerf Rebelle returns for a second year – now incorporating secret messages! If you’re familiar with vintage Transformers Tech Specs, you write your message on a dart and then it’s slide into the ‘reader’ and your message is clear.
  • Play-Doh is now sparkly. I couldn’t get any good pics that actually showed this, but take may word for it.
  • There’s a whole new way to play with (and collect) Mr. Potato Head – with Mr. Potato Head MIXABLE, MASHABLE HEROES you can collect 2.5″ Mr. Potato Head as he’s dressed up as your favorite Transformers and Marvel characters. You can then mix and match parts between characters – the Grimlock one is fantastic!
  • Nerf’s CAM ECS-12 blaster really takes things to the next level…in addition to all the dart firing fun, the blaster incorporates a camera – letting you record and share your gun fights.

See the gallery below for all these products and some other gems from the Hasbro showroom.

Toy Fair 2014 – Skylanders

tf14 tnWith the newest wave of Skylanders hitting stores now, Activision previewed several other new figures coming this spring. Featuring some update packaging these three figures are likely to become some of your favorite Skylanders to unleash in battle. Of the three new characters, Punk Shock, Fryno and Spring Time Trigger Happy -I’ve got to say that Spring Time Trigger Happy is my favorite. Him sitting on his egg shaped Rocket can’t help but to remind me of ‘Dr. Stangelove’. Not only is it a unique take on the character, placing him on your Skylanders portal adds new items to the game and a pretty solid upgrade to your character stats. It’s great to see that a variant figure adds some special abilities to gameplay!

Toy Fair 2014 – Quantum Mechanix

tf14 tnWhen I saw that Quantum Mechanix was at Toy Fair, I couldn’t help but stop and check out what they brought with them. They had some fantastic products on display but there were a few items which really caught my eye

  • Star Trek: Voyager Comm Badge…I’ve already posted a few pics on my site, but the Star Trek: the Next Generation badge is fantastic, and the Voyager one looks just as good. I’ll be picking up one for sure – and for $20? It’s a no brainer.
  • The DC Universe Q-Pop figures look great as well – they fun and can be personalized. Doesn’t your cube need Wonder Woman protecting it?
  • The new Star Wars vehicle key chains look perfect – I half expected a tiny Boba Fett to walk out of the Slave I.

Check these and other products in the gallery below.

Toy Fair 2014 – Diamond Select Toys

tf14 tnA couple of my favorite items I saw at the show were stashed away in the Diamond Select Toys booth. A few of these I couldn’t photograph, but if you’re a fan of Kill Bill, you’re in for a treat in a few months – the figures are incredible.

I won’t go through all the properties on display in the booth – that’ll be evident from the gallery below. Highlights include:

  • The Captain America: The Winter Soldier Marvel Select figures look fantastic
  • The Godzilla minimates look great – and so adorable! Even Mothra is based on a standard minimate body.
  • Both the Excelsior (shipping soon) and the Enterprise-A are fine additions to your personal Starfleet. I’m pretty sure I’ll be picking up this version of the Enterprise.
  • Wave 2 of Battle Beast minimates were also revealed – the Giraffe warrior is awesome.

Toy Fair 2014 – NECA Scalers

tf14 tnI’m not sure how I missed Scalers during my first trip through the NECA showroom – but I like them so much here’s a whole post dedicated to them. It seems like this new wireless and mobile world we live in has more cords than ever, making Scalers the perfect way to give those cords some personality. The first wave of Scalers will be available soon – I can’t wait to pick up an Alien!

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