Toy Fair 2012

Toy Fair 2012 – Bandai Power Rangers

As part of my New York Toy Fair coverage, I had the opportunity to tour the Bandai showroom. I’ve split the coverage into two parts – the first (this one) being dedicated to Power Rangers and the next part covering Ben 10, PacMan, Thundercats and Godzilla.

Basic ‘Power Rangers Super Samurai’ figures are available in two size classes – smaller 4inch figures and new 6.5″ figures that feature a joystick on the back of the figure. Using your thumb on the joystick, you control the battle action.

In the role play assortments, there are basic masks covering all the Rangers. A Red Ranger deluxe  training helmet is also planned, which includes electronic phrases, and enables users to go from Mega mode into Shogun Mode. Power Ranger battle gear will also be available – all the parts; the Spin Sword, Black Box Morpher and Mega Blade Sword are all combinable into the Ultimate Shogun Spear. Finally, lower price point complete role play kits will be avaiable and will include Ranger specific accessories.

On the Zord front – the Zordbuilder collection provides the entry level. The Zordbuilders can also connect to the Deluxe Megazord and create the Gigazord.  Not that zords are the only method of Power Ranger transportation – Sword Cycles will also be available and can connect with deluxe Megazords for added fun.

There will also be construction toy zords as well; however I don’t have pictures of those.  Check below for images from Bandai of their new items.

Toy Fair 2012 – McFarlane Toys

McFarlane Toys’ New York Toy Fair booth was focused on two main properties; Sports Picks/Playmakers and Halo. Their Sports Picks display included their newest figures for NFL football, major league baseball, the NHL, college football and NBA basketball. A ton of favorite athletes were on display – check out the gallery to see if your favorites are coming in an upcoming assortment.

Their popular Halo figures were also on display, with figures in several scales – including a new micro-scale.

Finally, several Spawn statues were on display – check them and everything else out in the gallery below.

Toy Fair 2012 – Mezco Toyz

Mezco had a diverse set off offerings on display at this year’s New York Toy Fair. Kicking off with their DC Universe offerings a range of Mez-itz and mini Mez-itz were on display from both ‘the Dark Knight’ and ‘the Dark Knight Rises’ – including the movie Batmobile and the Batpod. The larger DC Universe were represented in their Mez-itz lines including Superman, Darkseid, the Flash, Wonder Woman and other DC icons.

In 2012 Mezco is expanding their Thundercats Mega deluxe scale figures with both a Mumm-Ra and Panthro joining Lion-O on shelves.

New liscenses for Mezco include an Earthworm Jim figure, Mars Attacks figures (in 2 scales), Spongebob Squarepants and the Universal Monsters.

Living Dead Dolls continue to have a strong presence at Mezco, which featured Dracula, Frankenstein and an incredible Chuckie Living Dead Doll prominantly in their display. Series 23 and several other LVD were on display, check the gallery for all the details.

Also on display were several Domo figures and bobbleheads, Zombie Creepy Cuddlers plush, South Park figures, and Little Big Planet figures. Check out images of everything on display in the gallery below.

Toy Fair 2012 – NECA Toys

NECA has developed a reputation of having some of the most eagerly anticipated toy fair reveals. With the diversity of their releases ranging from some of the most popular video games to classic pop culture licenses, it’s easy to see why collectors are so interested in NECA’s offerings.

New licenses for this year include Rocky figures – the first wave is already available with 2 other waves planned for later this year. Also new this year are figures from E.T. – and, of course, a role play light up finger. Finally, figures from the Bordlands game will be hitting stores in May.

Continuing licenses include Gremlins, which had a full size stunt puppet replica on display – I can now say that I know just how big a gremlin should be. Assassin’s Creed, Gears of Wars and Left 4 Dead all have new figures for this year. New figures will also be coming in their Predators, Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street lines.

NECA also had several full size video game prop replicas on display, the shining star of these being the wormhole gun from Portal. Limited to 5000 pieces, this replica features both lights and sounds and should be hugely popular.

NECA also had their HeroClix games on display, introducing a new interactive way to play. With new HeroClix releases (across all properties) – you’ll be able to play remotely against other players through your iPad. Load up the app, place your HeroClix figure on the pad and it detects who is on the board and finds you a competitor. Its a very cool way extend the game. And their Star Trek HeroClix blind boxed ships looked fantastic.

check out everything on display in the gallery below.

Toy Fair 2012 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / Playmates Toys

One of the biggest launches at Toy Fair was the reintroduction of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Playmates toys. I had the opportunity to see the whole line On Monday, and I have to say – the figures look great.

The line kicks off with 9 basic figures, and will quickly expand. Unlike Turtles of the 90’s – each Turtle is based off a different body. In addition to the basic figures there are talking ones which are triggered by moving the limbs of the figures. The voices featured are those of the voice actors of the series, which is a great touch.

Vehicles are a requirement for any TMNT line and they’ll be present from the start. On display was a stunt skateboard with ramp, a pair of Turtle-cycles, a race car, a foot soldier motorcycle (with flip out figure action) and a new Battle Wagon.

The Turtle’s Lair is easily the largest playset I’ve seen in some time. Featuring several levels for play; from Donatello’s lab in the basement to a fire escape above the city street. The playset features multiple sliding doors, trap doors, an ooze pipe, and a zipline for your Turtles to fly into action. This is a huge playset, which is awesome to see.

Wrapping up the figure offerings – the 4 classic Turtles are part of a collector’s targeted assortment. Featuring a wider range of articulation and detailed decos – these are the Turtles you grew up with.

Finally a whole range of role play toys were on display for the younger set to get in on the ninja action on their own.

Check out the gallery below to see all the Playmates’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle items – really one of the most impressive displays at all of Toy Fair this year.

Toy Fair 2012 – Tokidoki

The only way I can describe the Tokidoki booth is cute,, super cute. Toki Doki featured a wide range of product, from apparel and accessories to skateboards to vinyl figures.

New for 2012 are their ‘Royal Pride’ collection of blind boxed figures as well as new plush items of Stellina the Unicorn, Donutella and Kaiju. Also on display was the Cactus Friends line, adorable animals covered in thorns, in several sizes. The 3″ features Porcino the pig, Truffle the rabbit, Bastardino the pup and several other characters. 1.25″ blind boxed figures are also available.

Other blind boxed assortments include Unicornos (invidually deco’d Unicorns – if you couldn’t guess), Marvel Frenzies (which I love!) as well as their own Frenzies designs.

This is only a brief overview of some of the product on display. Check the gallery out below to see everything in the booth.

Toy Fair 2012 – Dark Horse Direct

Just a quick update with a few items that Dark Horse Direct had on display in their toy fair booth. Announced earlier this week, the Camilla D’Errico statue ‘No Ordinary Love’ was on display. Also announced earlier this week – protos of the ‘Good Luck Trolls’ were on display. Finally the latest wave of Domo Qees were in the case. Other product was on display, but no photography was allowed.

Unfortunately, the Snoopy Qees that were announced last year look like they’re not going to be making their way out. Which is a bummer, at they were sharp.

Toy Fair 2012 – MattyCollector’s Collector Event held their annual collector’s event this evening, and Matty did all the work for me.  See below for the list of new announcements; and then a gallery of the items on display. I will add that Voltron looked fantastic as did the Snake Men and Frosta. Looking forward to their SDCC reveals in April.  One SDCC tidbit – 3 DC items, one of the will be Dark Knight Rises.

Check after the jump for the full list of Matty releases.


Toy Fair 2012 – Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya’s toy fair display showcased their product offerings across their ArtFx statues, fine art statues, Bishoujo statues and ice trays. Some of the stand-out new product in their booth included a Batman – The Dark Knight Rises fine art statue, a prototype ‘New 52’ Superman ArtFX+ statue (the entire Justice League is on the way), new Star Wars and Aliens ice trays, an amazing Elvis figure, a phenomenal Tekken statue, and tons more. In lieu of me just rattling off a list of product, why not just check out the gallery below? Also Kotobukiya posted their entire toy fair catalog on their facebook page for your enjoyment.

Toy Fair 2012 – Funko

I’ll admit, in the past year I’ve become completely enamored with Funko Toys’ offerings – particularly the Pop! vinyl line. I’m pleased to say that, if you liked Funko in 2011, you’re going to love them in 2012. Pop Vinyl! will continue strong featuring figures from ‘The Dark Night Rises’, more horror figures (Pop! Leatherface), more Star Wars (Jabba!), more Disney, Ugly Dolls (complete with glow-in-the-dark chase figures) and more. Adding to the Pop Vinyl! family will be mini-Pop! vinyl figures, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty as KISS and Muppets. Yes, Muppets.

Blox, their newest stylized vinyl figures, also continue and introduce a new smaller scale. Of note the Star Wars Blox and the mini Batman and Joker sets. A new style of figures were also debuted – figures with cupcake heads where you can store the body in the head. It’ll make sense once you see the picture; very cool and fun little toys.

Funko has also secured the rights to produce product based on ‘Lord of the Rings’ and they’ve made the cutest Smeagol plush you’ll ever see.

In addition to the above items there was a ton more on display, including Marvel plush, Pop!, bobbles, Batman vinyl…check out the gallery below for all your Funko needs!


Toy Fair 2012 – Bif Bang Pow!

Bif Bang Pow! had an impressive display at New York Toy Fair displaying new items from Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, 6 Million Dollar Man, Venture Bros. among others.

Here at AwesomeToyBlog, we were immediately drawn to the new Doctor Who items, including the TARDIS control room playset with K9. Frankly K9 is awesome, the set is worth it for him alone. Other new figures in their line include a Dalek, Li H’SenChang &  Mr. Sin (Talons of Wang-Chiang), Kraal & Magmus Greel (Talons of Wang-Chiang) and a 1st Doctor figure. The first Doctor figure looks fantastic as well. In addition to the figure, BBP! unveiled their Who glassware – including glasses with the 4th and 11th costumes, the TARDIS and its sign. Finally a black and white deco’d TARDIS bobble head was on display.

The Battlestar Galactica line had its debut at the show featuring figures of Starbuck, Apollo, Cdr. Adama, Lucifer, two different Cylons and an Android Sister. Check out the images – these looked great!

Also debuting at Toy Fair were the “6 Million Dollar” Man figures with Steve Austin, Bigfoot, Oscar Goldman and Fembot. Also on display were “6 Million Dollar Man” glass ware and a tote bag.

Check out the gallery below for these products and everything else on display including their bobbles, Dexter product, Venture Bros., Dark Shadows, Twilight Zone and more.

Toy Fair 2012 – Underground Toys

My first appointment of Toy Fair 2012 was with Underground Toys, who are set to have a banner year. Their products lines include the Doctor Who, Star Wars, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Ghostbusters license. In the past few years their products have gained more and more momentum at retail, particularly their talking plush items which you can find at Toys R Us.  Here are a few highlights for 2012 – check the galleries for images of everything on display.

Doctor Who: There were no new Classics 5″ figures on display – but I was assured that there’s more on the way, so rest easy. What was new? Doctor Who science themed kits, a TARDIS rubbish bin (which was fantastic), new talking plush (different color Daleks, the Silent, a Matt Smith Doctor), DIY Ceramic TARDIS and Dalek, and Doctor Who watches (these were gorgeous). Also much of the recently released and announced items from UK Toy Fair were on display.

Star Wars: Demonstrating how diverse Underground Toys have grown, a huge portion of their booth was allocated to Star Wars and other non-Doctor Who properties. In general most of the new product for 2012 were new additions to their talking plush lines. Jumbo Darth Maul, Darth Vader and R2D2 join their Jumbo Chewbacca figure.

Sonic the Hedgehog: This is a new property for Underground Toys and they introduce it with both clip on and larger talking plushes. In the larger plush – Sonic and Tails are wave 1, with the other pair following later in the year.

Ghostbusters: The Ghostbusters talking plush line expands this year with Slimer joining the talking plush lines. As previously several sizes of plush are available – and don’t worry; Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is sticking around as well.

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Underground Toys for taking time out of toy fair to talk to AwesomeToyBlog. See the gallery below for images of everything on display!

Toy Fair 2012 – Lego Collector’s Event

Lego held their annual Toy Fair Collector’s Event this morning, giving the media their first look at the 2012 product this morning – and providing breakfast! Highlights of the event were the reveals of both the ‘Lord of the Rings’ and the Marvel sets. Also debuting at the show were the ‘Monster Hunter’ sets – some great minifigs in these sets.

Not pictured, but included in the press guide – the Lego Architecture line is continuing into 2012 with releases pending of Big Ben, the Sydney Opera house and the Namdaemun Gate. When I get back to Phoenix, I’ll post images of those sets – but very glad to see Architecture continuing another year.

Check out the gallery below for tons of Lego goodness.

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