The Master

Figure Spotlight #34: The Master

Name: The Master
Series: 2 from Bif BangPow!
Availability: October 2011

As part of the initial four figures released at last year’s NYCC – The Master is the latest figure to get a chance to shine in the figure spotlight. While I’ve had the 4th Doctor and Styre for quite awhile now, I only picked up the Master and the Cyberleader this past Christmas – making them new to me.

Given that I’ve previously talked about the other Bif Bang Pow! Doctor Who figures, I can really get this review going. In fact, I believe the Master to be the best of the bunch released to date. I mean, he’s fantastic. The articulated body that serves as the basis for the figure is top notch, well articulated but never floppy. The costume, albeit quite simple, is excellent. The material used looks gauzy, very similar to the television costume. A nice touch is that the hood has wire in the hem, allowing you to bend and drape it as you see fit. I’ve fiddled with it a bit, and still haven’t gotten it quite right. The Sash of Rasillon also adds an essential bit of pop, but is also removable. The Master’s head sculpt is on point – with a creepy, bug eyed expression the Master looks like he just popped right out of ‘the Deadly Assassin’. Sure, if you haven’t seen the episode, the figure head sculpt might seem a little goofy, but it’s pretty close to screen accurate.

I have to say that, as a whole, the figure is so good it looks like someone got a hold of the Master’s TCE (that’s a Tissue Compression Eliminator) and shrunk him down, plopped him on a card and sent him to my house. If you want one sent to your house, you can pick him up from Entertainment Earth.


Third Doctor Who Classics Master figure revealed?

The Doctor Who Classic figure leaks just keep coming.  Now floating around the message boards is a group shot of upcoming figures, including the Master as portrayed by Roger Delgado.  It appears that he is holding his TCE weapon, which makes sense given it is the trademark weapon of the Master.

How this figure will be released (in a 2-pack, part of the rumored wave 3) is unknown at this time.  Such is the way with Doctor Who toys, an image is leaked or items show up on ebay and speculation begins.

Figure Spotlight 84 – The Master

The Master

Series: Doctor Who Classics, 2nd series

Release Date: 2/2010

Comments: Following yesterday’s look at the Ice Warrior, today we turn our attention to the Doctor’s Time Lord nemesis, the Master.  You’ll note that there is no goatee here, as this is the Master’s disfigured form from the episode ‘The Deadly Assassin’.

There are two standout figures from this wave of Doctor Who figures – one of them is this figure of the Master.  His robes feature an incredible level of detail, looking strikingly like the old gauzy robes on the television.  The head sculpt is also excellent, even down the eyes looking in different directions…just like on TV.  This is one of those figures where you feel like someone grabbed into the source media and pulled the figure out of the TV.  Fun trivia knowledge – under the robe is the Master’s normal black suit!  The Sash of Rassilon isn’t an awesome accessory, but the figure is great and among my favorite of modern Doctor Who figures.

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