Figure Spotlight #33 – Sontaran Field Major Styre

Name: Sontaran Field Major Styre
Series: 1 from Bif BangPow!
Availability: October 2011

With a pre-toy fair announcement, a toy fair debut, and an appearance at SDCC the Bif Bang Pow! Doctor Who figures became available a few weeks ago at NYCC.  Earlier this week I received my fourth Doctor and Styre figures.

A few posts ago (Figure Spotlight #32) I took a look at the 4th Doctor; and many of my observations also apply to Mr. Styre here.  The packaged figure looks great, but the bubble was a little loose on the card.  The articulated body used on the figures is great; allowing for a wide range of posing options. The clothing and accessories are appropriate and look great.   Where Sontaran Field Major Styre excels is in the head sculpt; by not requiring a human likeness the ‘retro’ aesthetic really works well on this figure.  And not only is the sculpt great; the paint apps are also excellent (and the hands are painted as well to match the skin tone of the head) with the exposed skin having a pale, ashy color.  The Sontaran looks very alien, which works since he is alien.

If you’re a Doctor Who who’s also a fan of ‘retro’-styled or Mego figures – you’re going to love the new line from Bif Bang Pow! I’m really impressed by both the 4th Doctor and Sontaran Styre.  While the Doctor satisfies my long standing want for the vintage Mego Doctor Who figure, Styre was unexpectedly my favorite of the pair.   If you’re not a fan of ‘retro’ figures; then this one isn’t for you – and you probably didn’t make it to the end of this spotlight. But if you are a fan, you probably don’t want to delay in scoring one – these will be fairly limited – so head off to Entertainment Earth and order yourself a set!

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Photo Op: Sontaran Landing

Sontaran LandedIts been awhile since I’ve posted any new figure photography, largely since I haven’t taken anything particularly good lately.  Yesterday I grabbed my camera, Styre and his pod and headed out the door to the mountain just a few hundred feet from my house.  The good news was that this picture was pretty much right out of the camera, I did very little post-processing.  The bad news was that the sky was completely blown out and there was no editing I could do to bring it back.  I probably should have waited another 20 minutes before snapping the picture; but what can you do.  It’s still a good photo – now to plan the next one.

Underground Toys announces new Doctor Who Classics set – ‘The Sontaran Experiment’

Doctor Who logoUnderground Toys today announced the latest in their Doctor Who classics line up, a boxset from the 4th Doctor adventure ‘The Sontaran Experiment’.  Due late February or early March this set includes the Sontaran Field-Major Styre, iconic Sontaran space ship along with the Fourth Doctor in duffle coat and hat.  This set is expected to run around $60 in the United States.  Pre-order information will be posted when available. See a photo of the set below.

Also rumored, a 2nd Sontaran set; from the 3rd Doctor adventure ‘The Time Warrior’.  While it’s likely to include Linx, his pod and the 3rd Doctor it would be a great opportunity to include a classic Sarah Jane Smith, wouldn’t it?

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