San Diego Comic-con

SDCC 2017 – Storm Collectible’s Mortal Kombat

These new Storm Collectibles Mortal Kombat figures would have been equally suited for my Bluefin post (as Bluefin distributes Storm Collectibles in the US), however their Mortal Kombat line generated a good amount of buzz during SDCC. In the gallery below you’ll see a number of figures making their debut at the show – including an impressive figure of Liu Kang’s dragon form.

Check them out below.

SDCC 2017 – Hasbro’s Marvel Legends

Of all the SDCC displays I visited multiple times, I think the Marvel Legends cases hold the record for return trips. Throughout the show new items were continually populated into the cases. The gallery below includes all the product in the cases through Sunday mornings reveals – the Toy Biz style Black Widow and Hyrda Soldier 2-pack.

Enjoy all the new Marvel Legends below.

SDCC 2017 – Bluefin’s SDCC Display

Bluefin serves as the US distributor for a number of eastern toy companies and they had an impressive showing at SDCC. Among the products included in this gallery are Storm Collecibles 12″ figures of Hulk Hogan, Muhammad Ali, Blitzways’ Ghostbusters (they had a 1:6 scale Ecto-1 on display!), Bandai’s Star Wars and Gundam models and Iron Studios’ DC and Marvel statues. This is not a comprehensive list of what was on display – but for that you can check out the gallery below.

For more information on Bluefin products, you can check here.

SDCC 2017 – Tamashii Nation

Tamashii Nations’ SDCC display featured costumes from the upcoming Pacific Rim movie but I’m there for the toys, fortunately there’s no shortage of those, including ones from Pacific Rim.

Of course their display featured a wide range of Dragonball figures, however Figuarts Marvel, DC and wrestlers were featured well in the display as were their Star Wars samurai inspired figures.

Check out the full SDCC display below.

SDCC 2017 – Super 7

Super 7’s SDCC offerings were split with some product being in the convention center and Masters of the Universe being at their San Diego location. I haven’t had the opportunity to go to Skeletor’s Lair at this show, but their booth on the convention floor has a number of new products including new M.U.S.C.L.E. and ReAction figures from Alien, Robotech and more.

Look at all of Super 7’s new product below.

SDCC 2017 – Hasbro Star Wars

While Hasbro has to keep ‘The Last Jedi’ figures under wrap still, there was still a good amount of new reveals across both the 6″ and 3 3/4″ line of figures.

New 3 3/4″ figures included a new Han Solo, Boba Fett, Endor Luke, Endor Leia, Wampa, Vader, Probe Droid and a Rathtar with Bala-Tik.

6″ reveals include a Rebel Fleet Trooper, Maz, General Leia, Jaina Solo, the return of the Hera figure and a Dewback with a new Sandtrooper.

See everything in the gallery below.

SDCC 2017 – Hasbro’s Transformers

Hasbro’s Titan Returns will be wrapping up soon and at SDCC Hasbro used their display to preview the third and final part of the trilogy that began with Combiner Wars, the Power of the Primes.

In this upcoming line there are 13 Prime Masters (the Gods of the Transformers universe) that interact with the figures in the line. The Prime Master figures can serve as pilots, armor or even as part of the Matrix of Leadership. Among the figures making their debut were an all new Jazz, Starscream and Rodimus Prime. Rodimus Prime is essentially two Transformers in one as he has a full Hot Rod figure which you can evolve into Rodimus Prime using the trailer – complete with the Matrix of Leadership.

See Rodimus, Jazz and the entire Transformers display below.

SDCC 2017 – Hot Toys

If there’s one place at SDCC that most threatens my bank account, it’s the Hot Toys section of the Sideshow Toys booth. This year continued that trend as a number of new figures were revealed across their Marvel, DC and Star Wars lines.

Standouts included their Thor: Ragnarok line, several new Wonder Woman figures, Grand Moff Tarkin and Endor Luke and Leia. You can see these, and the rest of the Hot Toys display below.

SDCC 2017 – Mattel’s Justice League

Mattel’s pulling out all the stops for this year’s Justice League movie with a wide product line ready to go. Among the different toys in the line are highly articulated 6″ ‘collector’ figures, 12″ scale figures, an amazingly detailed electronic Batmobile stuffed with action features, electronic talking figures, character Hot Wheel cars and dolls.

You can see all of Mattel’s Justice League offerings below.

SDCC 2017 – McFarlane Toys

McFarlane Toys set up shopw inside the Previews booth at SDCC with a display case full of upcomng new product. Generating the most excitement were the debut of the Stranger Things figures and their Star Trek figures (Picard and Kirk were in the case). Other lines being shared included a number of video game properties, the Walking Dead and their construction line.

See all the new product in the gallery below.

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