Quantum Mechanix Announce Zatanna and Katana DC Comics Bombshells Prints

QMX LogoQuantum Mechanix have announced the next two DC Comics Bombshell art prints set for release, Zatanna and Katana. These pin-up inspired prints by artist Ant Lucia measure 18″ x 24″ and are printed on 100-pound, satin finish paper. Both are priced at $14.95 and are available on the QMx website (Zatanna here, Katana here). Ten other DC Comics Bombshell prints are also available on QMx’s site including Wonder Woman, Catwoman and Batgirl.


Quantum Mechanix SDCC Exclusive Star Wars & Firefly Key Chains and DC Bombshells Poster Bundle

SDCC 2014 logo bQuantum Mechanix have released details on their SDCC exclusive merchandise for the year and, as expected, it’s gorgeous.  The first two pieces, both special edition gold keychains were created just for SDCC and will be available for purchase at the QMx booth – #3249. The third exclusive item, a collection of three prints of Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy will be available both at the show and online at QMxOnline.com.  Keep reading for details and pics of each of these three special items.
Star Wars Gold Millennium Falcon Metal Replica Key Chain ($14.95):  The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy is docking at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2014. This gold-plated, steel-alloy key chain was created using the official digital files from the Lucasfilm archives. This highly-detailed, 1:700 scale replica of the infamous Corellian freighter is being offered in a limited edition. The Falcon is just 2 inches long and comes equipped with a key ring, ready to accompany you on your adventures throughout the galaxy.

Firefly Gold Leaf on the Wind Key Chain/Pendant ($14.95): Like Wash, you too can be a leaf on the wind with this limited-run Comic-Con International: San Diego 2014 exclusive key chain, which can also be worn as a pendant. The world’s smallest gold Firefly sits atop a bronze-colored leaf attached to a heavy-duty key chain. Replace the chain with the included cord and the leaf can be worn as a necklace, making you one shiny, stylish Browncoat.

DC Comics Bombshells High-Flyers Poster Bundle ($24.95): The Amazing Amazon, Maiden of Mischief and the Vined Vixen are teaming up exclusively for Comic-Con International: San Diego 2014.  This bombshell of a poster bundle features three lovely ladies of the DC Universe (Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy) for one low price. At just $24.95 for all three prints, this is sure to be a deal no vintage pin-up or comic book fan can pass up.


QMx Offering 1:6 Scale Firefly Malcolm Reynolds Figure

QMX Logo

QMx is entering the world of high-end 1:6th scale action figures with the introduction of their Firefly Captain Malcolm Reynolds figure. Standing 12 inches tall, this figure packs in all the detail you’ve come to expect from QMx.  Featuring a head sculpt by Trevor Grove, this figure includes 38 points of articulation, the character’s trademark browncoat, tight pants, suspenders and more. Priced at $179.95, this figure is on par with offerings from Hot Toys, Sideshow and Big Chief Studios.  You can sign up for the waitlist, which gives your first dibs at preorders here. If you preorder through QMXOnline, you’ll get a bonus screen-accurate Lassiter and an extra hand to hold it with.

This figure is expected to ship in late Q3 of this year. Check out QMx’s awesome (as expected) work below…and if you’re headed to Dallas Comic-con this weekend see it for yourself!


QMx Partners with CCP Games to Produce EVE Online’s Gallente Megathron Model

QMX Logo Quantum Mechanix announced during EVE Fanfest 2014 that they’ve partnered with CCP Games to produce a line of highly detailed models from EVE Online. The collection is kicking off with the Gallente Megathron, featuring the hull design introduced in EVE Online: Retribution. This model measures roughly 10″ long and will be produced with the exteme attention to detail that QMx models are known for. No pricing or release dates have been announced yet, but stay tuned to the QMx Insider, QMx Twitter and QMx Facebook to stay updated on the Megathron and any future announcements of other ships from the EVE Online collection.


Toy Fair 2014 – Quantum Mechanix

tf14 tnWhen I saw that Quantum Mechanix was at Toy Fair, I couldn’t help but stop and check out what they brought with them. They had some fantastic products on display but there were a few items which really caught my eye

  • Star Trek: Voyager Comm Badge…I’ve already posted a few pics on my site, but the Star Trek: the Next Generation badge is fantastic, and the Voyager one looks just as good. I’ll be picking up one for sure – and for $20? It’s a no brainer.
  • The DC Universe Q-Pop figures look great as well – they fun and can be personalized. Doesn’t your cube need Wonder Woman protecting it?
  • The new Star Wars vehicle key chains look perfect – I half expected a tiny Boba Fett to walk out of the Slave I.

Check these and other products in the gallery below.

Quantum Mechanix Posts Star Trek: Voyager Comm Badge

QMX LogoQuantum Mechanix has posted their newest addition to their Star Trek prop replicas, the Star Trek: Voyager (and Insurrection, Deep Space 9, First Contact, etc) comm badge. QMx started with one of the original molds, restored it and have made these awesome badges for the masses. The badges attach to your clothing by means of a very strong magnet – no holes in your uniform! Priced at just $20, you can’t go wrong. You won’t even mind that it’s got a glossy finish instead of a matte finish (my only gripe about the TNG badge). See the listing here.


SDCC Exclusives from Quantum Mechanix

SDCC 2013 logoQMX has posted two exclusives on their facebook page, and I’m pretty sure both are going to be pretty hot. In both cases, any stock that doesn’t sell out at SDCC will be available online. Links are provided where you can sign-up for the wait list and be notified when you can place orders.

First up is the ruthless cute of our Mirror Spock Q-Pop ($24.95). See it online here.

The second SDCC exclusive is the gold firefly keychain ($14.95). This shiny keychain is gorgeous! Check it out online, here.

Both of these will be available at booth #3249.


QMX CC13 SpockQMX CC13 Serenity

QMx Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who

Doctor Who logo2013 is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and there is going to be a ton of product to commemorate the event. Quantum Mechanix is honoring the anniversary with their reveal of their 50th anniversary art print. The print features a TARDIS with an open door in front of a full moon. The text below ‘Bigger on the inside’ features the Doctor’s insight of the balance of good and evil. Priced at $20, this 27″ w x 40″ h print will be available later this month. Check it out here.

Quantum Mechanix reveals Star Trek: the Next Generation comm badge replica

Quantum Mechanix has revealed an awesome new prop replica piece, this time up is the Star Trek: the Next Generation comm badge. Featuring a metallic finish, this badge has a magnetic clasp so you can attach it to your ‘uniform’ and not leave any holes. This replica will be a bargain at $19.95, and you can sign up for the presale alerts on their site now. Check the full product description out here.

Quantum Mechanix at the helm

Late last week the fine folks at Quantum Mechanix announced that they’re secured the rights to produce awesome collectibles from Star Trek movies and TV. Keep reading for the full press release, Quantum Mechanix have done a great job with the other properties they’ve worked on and their ship replicas are insanely cool, so I can’t wait to see what’s coming!


QMx celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Firefly

September 20th, 2002 was the premier date for Joss Whedon’s sci-fi western Firefly. Now a decade later, Quanum Mechanix has prepared an art print to celebrate the 10th anniversary. This 27″ x 40″ print, created by graphic artist Jeff Halsey, features Firefly’s silhouette against a golden moon. Priced at just $19.95, you can sign up for the mail list to be among the first to preorder. Check out the product details here.

SDCC 2012 – Quantum Mechanix

I didn’t get shots of the full Quantum Mechanix booth today, but I did get shots of their three shining stars – two Star Trek models and their new 1:6th scale TARDIS. On the Star Trek side there were scaled replicas of the USS Kelvin from the new Star Trek movie and an amazing replica of the USS Enterprise-D. I didn’t think they’d top last year’s Enterprise-A; but I was wrong.

The other new scaled replica they had was a 1:6 scale TARDIS, which looked and sounded fantastic. It’d be the perfect companion for those Cowboy Studios 1:6 scale figures, wouldn’t it?

Quantum Mechanix’s ‘Ladies of Galactica: Pop Art Six’ SDCC Exclusive

Earlier this week, Quantum Mechanix posted a new product line – a set of 4 art prints titled ‘Ladies of Galactica’ paying homage to the women of Battlestar Galactica. A fifth print in the series, a Lichtenstein inspired pop art take on the Cylon 6, is a SDCC exclusive. The print is 18″ x 24″ and printed on 100-pound, satin-finish paper. Priced at just $14.95, you can pick this up at the show or preorder online here.

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